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Pulsar Forward F455S Digital Night Vision Front Attachment

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The Forward F455S uses proprietary software, cutting-edge electronic components and signal-processing algorithms to deliver one of the industry’s highest values of sensitivity in infrared spectrum (nighttime sensitivity).

The result is a device offering flawless passive-mode performance in deep twilight, even night, without switching on IR illumination.

High sensitivity in the range of 900-950nm makes it possible to use the Forward F455S with invisible IR Illuminators.

More Information

More Information
Brand Pulsar
Product Name A-Z Pulsar Forward F455S Digital Night Vision Front Attachment
SKU PUL-78189
Unit Type Night Vision
Detection Range 500m
Display Resolution 1746x1000
Display Type AMOLED
FOV @ 100 yards 6.3°
Integrated Infrared Illuminator Yes
Infrared Illuminator Wavelength 940nm
Operating Temperature -25/+50°C
Sensor Resolution 1280x720
Video Recording Yes
WiFi Yes

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  • Sensor: CMOS HD 1280x720
  • IR Illuminator wavelength, nm: 940 (invisible)
  • IR Optical power, mW: up to 700
  • Detection range, m: 500
  • Type: CMOS
  • Resolution, pixels: 1280x720
  • Objective lens: F50/1.0
  • Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m: 6.3x4.7 / 11x8.3
  • Recommended magnification of the day sight, x: 2 – 8
  • Type: AMOLED
  • Resolution, pixels: 1746x1000
  • Infrared Illuminator Model: Pulsar Ultra-X940S (#79199)
  • Emitter: LED
  • IR wavelength, nm: 940 (invisible)
  • IR Optical power, mW: 750
  • IR spot position adjustment: yes
Range Performance:
  • Detection range, m: 500
Video Recorder:
  • Video / photo resolution, pixel: 640x480
  • Video / photo format: .mp4 / .jpg
  • Built-in memory, GB: 16
  • Wireless Standard: 802,11 b/g
  • Frequency, GHz: 2.4
  • Wireless Protocol: BLE 4.2
  • Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.15.1
  • Frequency, GHz: 2.4
Environmental Characteristics
  • Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529): IPХ7
  • Operating temperature range, °С: -25 – +50
Connections and Compatibilities:
  • Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo), Joules: 6000
  • Shock resistance on the smooth-bore rifles, caliber: 12
  • Remote control: Pulsar BT (included)
  • Supported Application: Stream Vision 1, Stream Vision 2
Power Supply:
  • Output voltage, V: 3.0 – 4.2
  • Battery type: Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS7
  • Capacity, mAh: 6400
  • Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C), h *: up to 9
Weight & Size:
  • Body material: Magnesium alloy
  • Dimensions, mm: 155x136x77
  • Weight, kg: 0.83


Easy transformation of an optic sight into a night vision device.

  • To install the Forward F onto the front optical bell of a day sight, adapters of various mounting size are used. The adapter permanently attaches to the sight’s bell. This allows quick installation of the Forward F attachment in front of the lens for nighttime shooting. When the attachment is not used, the adapter accommodates a protective cap to protect the sight lens in the daytime.

Maintaining the advantages of daylight optics in the nighttime.

  • Using the Forward F Attachment allows uses to maintain the advantages of their day optics in the nighttime. Advantages include; longer eye relief as compared to that in the night vision riflescopes, conventional shape of the aiming reticle, continuous zoom, quick conversion from day to night hunting mode, preserving shooting style.

Point-of-Impact Stability. 

  • Forward F allows shooters to focus on quick target acquisition and shot placement in low-light environments without stressful, complex adjustments by utilizing a sequential layout of optical and electronic components designed to provide precise sight alignment and ultra-easy adjustability. The attachment’s design ensures stability of the point-of-impact when re-focusing the attachment at various distances.

“Invisible” IR illuminator with 700 mW power with adjustable light spot position.

  • A new Pulsar Ultra-X940S removable IR illuminator emits 940 nm in the “invisible” range. The power level of the IR illuminator varies between 175, 350 and 700 mW depending on the required illumination intensity for the particular type of observation. The optical part of the illuminator provides flexible adjustment of the light flux direction for full and uniform illumination of the observation area.

Over 500 m nighttime viewing range.

  • High nighttime sensitivity, high resolution display and sensor, wide selection of brightness and contrast settings, quality optics and a powerful built-in IR Illuminator for operation in total darkness make the Forward F455S the perfect tool for detecting large quarry at distances of 450-500 meters.

Easy control with wireless remote operating panel.

  • The Pulsar BT Bluetooth remote operating panel is placed on the handguard or buttstock of a hunting weapon. With the Pulsar BT remote operating panel, the hunter only needs to make minimal movements to control the digital attachment features and can concentrate on hunting.

Shockproof magnesium alloy housing.

  • Rugged and light-weight magnesium alloy housing is designed to withstand recoils of high caliber rifles. Increased structural rigidity reduces vibrations during the shot and leads to enhanced ballistics while properties of magnesium alloy help to ensure better heat dissipation.

Four-point quick bayonet mount with automatic clamp.

  • The attachment docks the proprietary adapter with the durable four-point bayonet assembly.
  • Pulsar line includes three models of adapters to mount on sights with a lens diameter of 40; 42; 50; 56mm.

Quick-change long-life rechargeable battery packs.

  • Forward F uses an advanced self-contained autonomous B-Pack power supply system. The rechargeable battery IPS7 (6.4 Ah) fits into a special slot in the riflescope’s body without protruding and delivers over 5 hrs. of operation from a single charge in the maximum consumption mode. Quick-release and wireless design, long operating time are the major highlights of this power system.

Wi-Fi. Integration with IOS and Android devices.

  • The built-in WiFi module connects the device with either Android or iOS smartphones using the Stream Vision 2 mobile app. This combination opens up a wide range of options: wireless device software updates, real-time image transmission to the mobile device screen, remote control digital functions and much more. Users registered in the application are provided with cloud storage space for photos and videos taken with a digital or thermal imaging device. An important feature is that the device is still compatible with the previous, first version of the Stream Vision application.

Fully waterproof IPX7.

  • The Forward F is fully waterproof featuring an IPX7 level of protection. The device is able to operate in precipitation of any intensity and survive a short-term submersion.


We guarantee our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of purchase. The warranty period for rechargeable batteries (supplied with the device or bought separately) is one year.


Download Quick Start Guide Here


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