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  1. Pulsar Firmware 4.0 Update: Thermion XM & Axion XM

    Pulsar Firmware 4.0 Update: Thermion XM & Axion XM

    User Mode comes to Thermion XM and Axion XM: Firmware update 4.0

    (Words: Pulsar)

    Firmware 4.0: New observation mode and image quality improvements

    Similar to latest update for XP product line we are also updating our XM devices to enhance your Pulsar experience.

    User mode – the purpose of different observation modes is to offer most suitable settings depending on the nature conditions. With Firmware 4.0 we bring a fourth option the User mode. This development will be most enjoyed by advanced users who like to have more control on the setup of their device. The new observation mode allows you to select and save your personal preferences based on pre-existing observation modes (Rocks, Forest, Identification), contrast and brightness settings. You can tweak each of the t

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  2. Pulsar 4.0 Firmware Update

    Pulsar 4.0 Firmware Update


    (Words: Pulsar)

    Firmware 4.0: New observation mode and image detail boost, new reticles expanded range of icon brightness settings.

    Remaining true to our promise of continuous technological innovation, PULSAR is bringing yet another Firmware update enhancing the performance of our devices. New Firmware 4.0 is dedicated to our top of the line XP series products only.


    – a new function that increases the contour sharpness of the heated objects for a hefty image detail boost giving you an unprecedented level of image clearness and sharpness allowing you to identify objects even more confidently.

    This option comes turned on by default, but can be switched off in the main menu. It is important to note that image detail boost shows its best colours in conditions of high temperature differences.


    – the purpose of

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  3. Pulsar Firmware 2.0 Update

    Pulsar Firmware 2.0 Update

    The sound is ON for the Thermion & Axion Series

    PULSAR has announced the latest Firmware 2.0 updates that are now
    available for the Thermion and Axion Series.

    These new updates enhance devices to offer the best user experience
    with upgrades being made to the unit’s functionality, image processing and sound recording.

    What devices are affected and how:

    SKU Model
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  4. BFTA Grand Prix Series 2019

    BFTA Grand Prix Series 2019

    It all culminated in the last round of the GP series at Blackbrook on the 25th of August. One of the hottest days of shooting I’ve had in a long-time lead to an interesting and testing day. Not only crazy 34C heat but some gusty switching winds also added to the days drama.

    Course was a well-balanced course that suited the weather and kept you interested.

    After a long and costly series for a lot of shooters, travelling the whole country the results were finally decided.

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  5. 2019 UKBR22 Nationals

    2019 UKBR22 Nationals

    The UKBR22 Nationals took place recently and by the sounds of it the competition was a huge success with a strong turnout, high scoring heats and some brilliant shooting.

    We are proud to be a part of the UKBR22 and congratulations to all the winners from the weekend! Have a read below to find out how it all went down.

    WORDS: Colin Rose, Event Organiser.
    PHOTOS: Copyright of Colin Rose * UKBR22 Nationals.

    The UKBR22 or to give us our Sunday name The United Kingdom Association of Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting holds a annual National competition for both Air Rifle and Rimfire Rifle High Accuracy shooting. We gather on the Friday of the August Bank Holiday Weekend which is our set up or practice day. The air rifle is shot over a distance of 25meters outdoors and consists of 2 classes, Light Hunter (10. lbs rifles) and Heavy Hunter (14.5lbs

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  6. 2019 Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet

    2019 Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet

    This year, and with great pride, we sponsored the 2019 Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet (AAFGCM) at NOMADS HFT Club. Held once a year and for the third year running, the AAFGCM is an action packed, fun filled weekend with many competitions and prizes to be won.

    Below, Carl Clayton (Donations organiser) gives his run-down of this years Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet. Make sure to have a read and check out the photos.

    Shoutout’s go to Carl Clayton, Mick Boswell, Peter Staddon and of course, NOMADS HFT. Expect the full story in Airgun World Magazine soon.
    Photo’s are credited to Peter Staddon.

    ‘On the 23rd of august Airgunforum.co.uk

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  7. 50CAL TEAM GB – 2019 FCSA 50CAL World Championships

    50CAL TEAM GB – 2019 FCSA 50CAL World Championships

    We are proud to announce that we have sponsored 50Cal Team GB in the 2019 FCSA 50cal World Championships, held annually at NRA Whittington Centre, Raton, New Mexico. Dave Stubb’s (Team Captain) provides a round-up of how the team got on. Have a read and flick through the images.

    We wish 50Cal Team GB all the best of luck in future competitions and well done out in the US chaps. Brilliant work!

    PHOTOS: Any photos depicting Team GB 50cal Rifle Team are copyright to both FCSA UK and R G Ireland.

    50CAL TEAM GB – 2019 FCSA 50CAL World Championships

    'With the .50 cal world championships complete and everybody home we can now reflect on what was another great competition for the UK squad.

    Yet again our American counterparts and the US FCSA proved to be great hosts at what has got to be one of the finest range facilities wor

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  8. Did You Know...

    Did You Know...

    TILTED MOUNTS are necessary when shooting at very long distances. We generally recommend as little tilt as possible as large amounts of tilt really may have a negative impact on the quality of the sight picture. In most cases 6-9 MIL (20-30 MOA) will have no negative impact on picture quality while still providing greater available adjustment range for long-range shooting.

    To allow for the greatest available range of adjustment choose a mount with a tilt that is half of the scope’s range of elevation. For example, Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 have a maximum elevation adjustment of 26 MIL (93 MOA,) you should, therefore, choose a mount with 13 MIL (45 MOA) in tilt. Doing so assures that you are able to adjust the sight out to very long distances.

    However, when mounted in this extreme elevation it’s common to experience optical defects such as an oval picture when shooting at close targets, etc. We, therefore, recommend that when fitting a large elevati

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  9. Schmidt & Bender: New Turret Gen II Defined

    Schmidt & Bender: New Turret Gen II Defined

    Schmidt & Bender: New Turret Gen II Defined

    Schmidt & Bender: New Turret Gen II Defined

    Schmidt & Bender: New Turret Gen II Defined


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  10. Pulsar Thermion XP50 In-The-Field Footage

    Pulsar Thermion XP50 In-The-Field Footage


    Boasting state-of-the-art design and the latest in advanced technological innovations, the Pulsar Thermion XP50 delivers the premium thermal imaging you’ve come to expect, but on a traditional-style aircraft-grade 30 mm-tube. The Pulsar Thermion XP50 Thermal Rifle scopes is Pulsar’s flagship model and comes with a 640×480 microbolometer sensor resolution with a 17μ pixel pitch.

    Beyond looks, the Pulsar Thermion XP50 is anything but traditional it has 8-color-pallette imaging on a full-color 1024×768 HD AMOLED display and a jaw-dropping 2,300-yard heat-signature detection range.

    The Pulsar Thermion XP50 features include picture-in-picture, 15 reticles in up to 4 colors—black, red, white and gree

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