Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 FFP Zero Stop G2H Mil Riflescope

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Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 FFP Zero Stop G2H Mil Riflescope

The Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 (Long Range Hunting Scope) is based on proven designs developed in our acclaimed Elite® Tactical scope line. However, the Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 is not just a tactical or target scope dressed up for the field. It is a purpose-built optic specially designed with input from the experts to meet the needs of hunters who require optimum performance at extreme ranges.

The Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 features Bushnell’s exclusive G2H and G2M reticles.These miliradian- and MOA- based first focal plane reticles are specifically designed to allow hunters to range targets, and then holdover and counter the effects of wind at any magnification setting. The scope has a low profile, tactical style elevation turret. After a zero is established, the elevation knob can be precisely returned to zero after “dialing up” by setting Bushnell’s RevLimiter™ Zero Stop mechanism. The Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 has fully multi-coated lenses for optimum clarity and 95 percent light transmission. Additionally, Bushnell’s proprietary RainGuard® HD coating makes water and fog bead up and roll off lens surfaces so targets can be seen in the worst conditions when competitive scopes are unusable.

Step up to the Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 and extend your maximum effective range as a shooter and hunter.

Quick Features of the Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44

The ultimate long-distance hunting optic with reticles designed for long range hunters.

  • First focal plane G2H reticle allows for ranging at any magnification
  • RevLimiter™ zero stop on elevation turret allows instant return to zero
  • 30mm tube for increased adjustment travel
  • .1 mil clicks with 10 mils per rev of adjustment
  • Target-style elevation turret and resettable, capped windage turret
  • RainGuard HD lens coatings
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Ultra Wide Band lens coatings
  • Side Focus down to 50 yds / 45m 
  • Side parallax adjustment
  • 2” Sunshade

Bushnell LRHS 3-12×44 Reticle – G2H


G2H Reticle




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