A Red Dot Sights ensure accuracy at close and medium ranges, there is a reason most military units now operate with this cutting-edge technology! We regularly stock red dot sights from leading brands including Aimpoint, Delta, Vortex, Bushnell, Sightmark, Leupold and Hawke.

If the dot seems fuzzy, oval, undefined, sickle-shaped or has “stars” on the edge, the front or the dot projector lens might be smeared but it is most likely due to your imperfect eyesight. The sight lacks any objective to compensate for possible shooters vision defects. A good way to check your (eye)sight is to observe the dot in the dark room and compare it to with what you see on a bright sunny day. The perceived “dot aberrations” are less pronounced when the pupil is contracted and much more noticeable when it is dilated in the darkness.

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