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HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars
HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars

HIKMICRO Habrok 4k HE25L Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Thermal Binoculars

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Could this be the death of the standard optical binocular for hunting? We think so! The HikMicro Habrok 4k HE25L LRF is a game-changer for deer stalking and wildlife observation enthusiasts. Equipped with a 256x192 thermal sensor and a revolutionary 4k optical camera.
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Please note: Due to distribution rights and agreements we can only sell HIK-MICRO products to residents of the UK.

HIKMICRO Habrok 4K  – Entry Level thermal binocular

Introducing the brand new entry level HIKMICRO Habrok 4K multi-spectrum thermal LRF binocular which combines the detection power of a 256x192 thermal sensor with a high resolution 4K optical camera that not only delivers superb daylight clarity but an extreme twilight and darkness performance – all for an impressive new aggressive price tag of £1199.95. 

The HIKMICRO Habrok 4k HE25L is built around a robust & lightweight magnesium alloy chassis the HE25L combines a Sub 35mK NETD, 256px thermal sensor with a 4K digital optical channel, plus built-in infrared night vision,
and a 1000m laser range finder to deliver an all-in-one device that does many things that a conventional analogue optic cannot:  

  • High performance thermal spotting will detect the heat of birds and animals and reveal their location even when hidden to the naked eye by camouflage, shadows, foliage and difficult light and weather. Thermal spotting works day & night.
  • The 4K digital optical channel adds a full colour ultra high resolution image in daylight, and a monochromatic image even in complete darkness.
  • Zoom from the 5.5x base mag all the way to 22x – In optical mode the 4K sensor ensures that you never run out of resolution across a wide magnification range.
  • The Habrok 4K digital optical channel in twilight is a particular stand-out, The digital system works extremely well in low light, well beyond the point that regular binoculars stop delivering an image.  (and on, into complete darkness).
  • Find, watch and enjoy wildlife in complete darkness thermal and night vision add another dimension to your wildlife observation. 
  • Powered by 18650 batteries With a run time of up to 8hrs from the two detachable batteries, you can enjoy extended trips into nature without fear of running out of power. 
  • The ability to record images, video and audio directly into the on-board memory, and play it back either in the device or to a phone or tablet nearby, means that even a fleeting glimpse of a bird or animal can be reviewed in detail for greatly improved identification potential.

The HikMicro Habrok 4K thermal channel will find more, and the digital optical channel will reveal more.

Anyone who has used traditional optical binoculars will feel instantly at home with the size and weight of the Habrok 4K but with so much tech built in to enhance your outdoors experience. Quickly detect in thermal, view in the optical channels and record to the inbuilt memory. The HIKMICRO Habrok 4K is the binocular for the future. 

The robust and ergonomic Magnesium Alloy chassis exudes quality while also putting all of the major controls at your fingertips. This allows you to intuitively switch between the different image modes and take control of the other features including the 1000m laser range finder, even in the dark.

The Habrok is powered by two easily replaced 18650 batteries delivering extended run time. 

The comfortable eye cups and interpupillary adjustment in the eyepieces allow you to find the perfect fit for your eyes and offer a great view of the large OLED display. You can also use the HIKMICRO Sight app to stream your activity to your mobile device so your friends can share your view or you can remotely observe. You can record videos and images to the inbuilt memory and share them later on your social channels.

  • Thermal Module

    • Image Sensor: VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
    • Max. Resolution: 256 × 192
    • Frame Rate: 50 Hz
    • Pixel Interval: 12 μm
    • Response Waveband: 8 μm to 14 μm
    • NETD: Less than 35 mK (@25°C), F# = 1.0
    • Lens (Focal Length): 25 mm, F1.0
    • Focus Mode: Focus Ring
    • Detection Range: 1200 m
    • Min. Focusing Distance: 3 m
    • Magnification: 4.3x to 17.2x (4x)
    • Field of View (H × V): 7.0° × 5.3°/12.2 m × 9.3 m @100m
  • Optical Module

    • Image Sensor: 1.88’’ Progressive Scan CMOS
    • Max. Resolution: 3840 × 2160
    • Focal Length: 60 mm, F2.2
    • Min. Working Distance: 8 m
    • Focus Mode: Focus Ring
    • Magnification: 5.5x to 22.0x(4x)
    • Field of View (H × V): 6.9°× 4.1°/12.0 m × 7.2 m @100 m
    • Smart IR: Yes
    • IR Illuminator Wavelength: 850 nm
    • Viewing Range at Night: 400 m

  • Image Display 

    • Display: 0.49 inch, OLED, 1920 ×1080
    • Palettes: Thermal (Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion); Optical (Day, Night, Auto)
    • FFC (Flat Field Correction) Mode: Auto, Manual, External Correction
    • Exit Pupil: 8 mm
    • Eye Relief: 15 mm
    • Diopter (Range): -5 D to +3 D
    • Brightness Adjustment: Yes
    • Tone Adjustment: Cold, warm
    • Contrast Adjustment: Yes
    • Zoom Pro: Yes
  • System

    • Record Video: Yes
    • Capture Snapshot: Yes
    • Audio Recording: Yes
    • Standby Mode: Yes
    • Storage: Built-in EMMC (64 GB)
    • PIP: Yes
    • Hotspot: Yes
    • Hot Track: Yes
    • Digital Magnetic Compass: Yes
    • GPS: Yes
    • Local Album: Yes
  • Power Supply

    • Battery Type: Replaceable and Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    • Battery Operating Time: ≥ 8 h (25°C, with hotspot off)
    • Type-C Power Supply: 5 VDC, 2 A
    • Supports External Power Supply: Yes
  • General

    • Protection Level: IP67
    • Dimension: 138 mm × 68.2 mm × 223 mm (5.4" × 2.7" × 8.6")
    • Working Temperature: -30°C to +55°C
    • Weight: 795 g without batteries
    • Interpupillary Adjustment Range: 60 mm to 74 mm
    • Mounting Adapter: 1/4“-20-UNC
  • Laser Rangefinder

    • Safety Class for Laser: Class 1
    • Wavelength: 905 nm
    • Max. Measuring Range: 1000 m
    • Measurement Accuracy: ±1 m
    • Min. Measuring Range: 10 m
HIKMICRO HABROK 4K HE25L 5.5-22X60 is a powerful and innovative digital and thermal binocular designed especially for daytime use. Combined with a 256 thermal detector, an advanced 4K digital detector for a 5.5x-22x @60 mm lens, and a 1000 m laser rangefinder, this all-in-one binocular can be mainly applied in forest & field hunting, birding, animal searching, adventuring, and rescuing in various weather conditions.

Key Features
  • 256 × 192 resolution @12 μm thermal detector
  • High sensitivity thermal module NETD < 35 mK (@25°C, F# = 1.0)
  • 25 mm, F1.0 lens with thermal detection range up to 1200 m
  • 3840 × 2160 4K ultra high-resolution CMOS detector
  • 60 mm, F2.2 digital lens with 5.5x to 22x digital zoom
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution 0.49-inch OLED display
  • Built-in 850 nm IR illuminator and Laser Rangefinder of 1000 m measuring distance
  • 795 g lightweight, with a compact and ergonomic design
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the HikMicro Habrok 4k?
The HikMicro Habrok 4k is a state-of-the-art thermal and digital binocular designed for hunting and wildlife observation. It integrates essential features such as a 1200m laser rangefinder, a 35mk 256x192 thermal sensor, and a 4k day/night CMOS sensor.

How does the HikMicro Habrok 4k impact hunting and wildlife observation?
The HikMicro Habrok 4k revolutionizes hunting and wildlife observation by incorporating advanced features like thermal detection, 4k imaging, and laser rangefinding. This combination significantly enhances precision and accuracy in target acquisition, setting new standards in outdoor optics.

What are the key features of the HikMicro Habrok 4k?
Key features include a 1200m laser rangefinder, a highly sensitive 35mk 256x192 thermal sensor, a 4k day/night CMOS sensor, a compact design, lightweight magnesium alloy chassis, and an IP67 waterproof rating.

How does the price of the HikMicro Habrok 4k compare to traditional thermal binoculars?
The HikMicro Habrok 4k is competitively priced at under £1200, offering significant savings compared to traditional thermal binoculars, which often retail for over £3000.

What are the primary objectives of the HikMicro Habrok 4k?
The primary objectives are to detect heat sources, seamlessly transition to the high-resolution 4k camera for precise identification, and provide laser rangefinding for accurate shot calculations.

What are the technical specifications of the HikMicro Habrok 4k?
Technical specifications include a 256x192 thermal sensor, a 4k day/night CMOS sensor, a 1200m laser rangefinder, a 25mm 1.0 lens, and a weight of 795g without batteries.

How does the thermal performance of the HikMicro Habrok 4k compare to other models?
It offers comparable thermal performance to other models with its 256x192 thermal sensor and detection range of 1200m.

What sets the HikMicro Habrok 4k apart from other thermal binoculars?
Its fusion of a 256x thermal sensor and a 4k full-colour CMOS sensor, combined with aggressive pricing, compact design, and multiple features, distinguishes it from other thermal binoculars.

What are the benefits of the compact design of the HikMicro Habrok 4k?
The compact design offers convenience and portability, making it ideal for hunts or wildlife observation activities.

How does the HikMicro Habrok 4k improve outdoor experiences?
It enhances outdoor experiences by providing advanced thermal detection, high-resolution imaging, and laser rangefinding capabilities, thus improving accuracy and efficiency.

What features contribute to the comfort and ease of use of the HikMicro Habrok 4k?
Features such as comfortable eye cups, interpupillary adjustment, a large OLED display, and intuitive controls contribute to its ease of use and comfort during prolonged use.

What is the battery life of the HikMicro Habrok 4k?
It boasts an impressive runtime of up to 8 hours with easily obtainable 2x 18650 batteries, ensuring prolonged hunts without worrying about power depletion.

How can the HikMicro Habrok 4k be connected to mobile devices for enhanced hunting experiences?
It can be seamlessly connected to the HIKMICRO Sight app, enabling users to stream observations to mobile devices, record videos, and share content on social channels, thereby enhancing the hunting experience.

  • HIKMICRO Habrok HE25L 25mm 5.5-22 x 60 4K Multi-Spectrum 256x192 <35mK 12um LRF Entry Level Thermal Binoculars
  • Neck strap
  • Type-C Cable
  • Tripod adaptor
  • Battery
  • QSG
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Battery charger
  • 3-Year HIKMICRO Warranty

HIKMICRO has a full UK service and technical centre, complete with Hotline: 0203 514 0092 available to assist with any issues.

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