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Could this be the death of the standard optical binocular for hunting? We think so! The HikMicro Habrok 4k HE25L LRF is a game-changer for deer stalking and wildlife observation enthusiasts and we have been lucky enough to get our hands on a set. Join us as we take a closer look at the HikMicro Habrok 4k, answering questions like: what are its key features? What is the price? What is the impact on hunting and nature observation? And what are the technical specifications? Frequently Asked Questions and quickfire answers are listed towards the end of this blog along with a video review. Let's dive in...

The question posed earlier is one that has been echoing through the hunting community at Optics Warehouse and worldwide. Released in May 2024, the brand new HikMicro Habrok 4k HE25L thermal and digital LRF binocular has stormed onto the scene with its aggressive price tag and ground breaking features. Coming in at under £1200 retail, this truly staggering product comes with a 1200m laser rangefinder, a 35mk 256x192 thermal sensor and a 4k day / night CMOS sensor.

We are actually baffled at how HikMicro have been able to pack this compact device with all these features and hit a price tag that has previously been unheard of for thermal binoculars  -which has usually been north of £3000 retail.

We identified early that its primary objective is to detect heat sources within the environment and then seamlessly transition the user to use the high-resolution 4k full colour camera that gives a base magnification of 5.5x for precise identification once a target is acquired. It does this brilliantly! The added benefit of an onboard IR illuminator allows this method to happen at night making this a true crossover optic. An on board 1200m laser rangefinder then allows the shooter to clearly identify the range of their quarry so they can make the correct calculations on their rifle scope to ensure a precise shot. 

HikMicro Habrok 4k

Built around a robust and lightweight magnesium alloy chassis, the Habrok HE25L has a 256x192 thermal sensor and 25mm 1.0 lens that provides a similar thermal performance to the Hikmicro Lynx-S 10mm. The unit boasts a detection range of 1200m and a field of view ideal for close to mid-range observation. We found its thermal identification range, where you can accurately identify a heat source, is around 200m.

What sets this thermal marvel apart from the competition is not only its price but also its fusion of a 256x thermal sensor and a revolutionary 3840x2160 4K full colour ultra high-resolution CMOS detector that has a superb twilight performance, which we have seen the hugely popular HikMicro Alpex 4k use. The CMOS sensors ability to provide crystal clear identification of game in all light conditions is going to not only change the hunting game but also transform bird watching. It will allow the user to reveal creatures invisible to the naked eye and traditional optics by detecting their heat signatures first, and shifting the user to easily flick to the 4k sensor to identify them clearly.

HikMicro Habrok 4k

Sporting a compact, lightweight magnesium alloy chassis weighing in at 795g without batteries, the Habrok 4k offers the convenience of a thermal, day/night camera, and laser rangefinder in a binocular design. Bringing together all of these devices into a convenient binocular chassis means less kit to carry when you are out on your hunt or stalk. Like all HikMicro thermal devices, the HikMicro Habrok 4k HE25L comes with an IP67 waterproof rating ensuring durability, even in the harshest weather conditions, making it the perfect companion for all outdoor adventures.

Anyone who has used traditional optical binoculars will feel instantly at home with the size and weight of the Habrok 4k and astonished by how much built-in technology is at-hand to enhance your outdoors experience. Quickly detect in thermal, view in the optical channels and record to the inbuilt memory- all on the same device and accessed with a simple click of a button.

The Habrok 4k is the binocular for the future. HIK have focused on comfort and ease of use with the HikMicro Habrok 4k by focusing on making all major controls within your fingertips as well as providing comfortable eye cups, interpupillary adjustment, and a large 1920x1080 OLED display. The Habrok 4k ensures an immersive and comfortable viewing experience.

Fuelled by the easy to obtain 2x 18650 batteries, the HikMicro Habrok 4k boasts a runtime of up to 8 hours. This means you can take your Habrok 4k binoculars on prolonged hunts without worrying about power depletion.

Finally, like all HikMicro thermal and night vision products, you can connect the HikMicro Habrok 4k to the HIKMICRO Sight app, which allows you to stream your observations to your mobile device or record videos and images to share on social channels, enhancing your hunting experience like never before.

HikMicro Habrok 4k
Here is a video from our YouTube channel where our resident Night Vision and Thermal expert, James McDermott, takes a look at the new HikMicro Habrok 4k HE25L:


What is the HikMicro Habrok 4k? The HikMicro Habrok 4k is a thermal and digital binocular designed for hunting and wildlife observation. It features a 1200m laser rangefinder, a 35mk 256x192 thermal sensor, and a 4k day/night CMOS sensor.

How does the HikMicro Habrok 4k impact hunting and wildlife observation? It revolutionizes hunting and wildlife observation by offering advanced features like thermal detection, 4k imaging, and laser rangefinding, enhancing precision and accuracy in target acquisition.

What are the key features of the HikMicro Habrok 4k? Key features include a 1200m laser rangefinder, a 35mk 256x192 thermal sensor, a 4k day/night CMOS sensor, compact design, lightweight magnesium alloy chassis, and IP67 waterproof rating.

How does the price of the HikMicro Habrok 4k compare to traditional thermal binoculars? The HikMicro Habrok 4k is priced aggressively at under £1200, significantly lower than traditional thermal binoculars that typically retail for over £3000.

What are the primary objectives of the HikMicro Habrok 4k? Its primary objectives are to detect heat sources, transition seamlessly to the high-resolution 4k camera for precise identification, and provide laser rangefinding for accurate shot calculations.

What are the technical specifications of the HikMicro Habrok 4k? The technical specifications include a 256x192 thermal sensor, a 4k day/night CMOS sensor, 1200m laser rangefinder, 25mm 1.0 lens, and 795g weight without batteries.

How does the thermal performance of the HikMicro Habrok 4k compare to other models? It offers comparable thermal performance to other models with its 256x192 thermal sensor and detection range of 1200m.

What sets the HikMicro Habrok 4k apart from other thermal binoculars? Its fusion of a 256x thermal sensor and a 4k full-color CMOS sensor, along with its aggressive pricing, compact design, and multiple features, sets it apart from other thermal binoculars.

What are the benefits of the compact design of the HikMicro Habrok 4k? The compact design offers convenience and portability, making it easier to carry during hunts or wildlife observation activities.

How does the HikMicro Habrok 4k improve outdoor experiences? It enhances outdoor experiences by providing advanced thermal detection, high-resolution imaging, and laser rangefinding capabilities, improving accuracy and efficiency.

What features contribute to the comfort and ease of use of the HikMicro Habrok 4k? Features like comfortable eye cups, interpupillary adjustment, large OLED display, and intuitive controls contribute to its ease of use and comfort during prolonged use.

What is the battery life of the HikMicro Habrok 4k? It boasts a runtime of up to 8 hours with easily obtainable 2x 18650 batteries, ensuring prolonged hunts without worrying about power depletion.

How can the HikMicro Habrok 4k be connected to mobile devices for enhanced hunting experiences? It can be connected to the HIKMICRO Sight app, allowing users to stream observations to mobile devices, record videos, and share content on social channels, enhancing the hunting experience.


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