HOW TO: Mount a Rifle Scope – using Two Piece Rings

This short video explains how to mount a riflescope with ease.

Step 1: Slot rings onto the rail. Tighten to finger strength.

Step 2: Using standard/supplied Allen key, tighten. When ‘tight’ finish with 1/8” turn. OR use Vortex Digital Torque wrench and tighten to 4n/m.

Step 3: Gently rest riflescope on mounted rings. Align ring caps on top of scope.

Step 4: Start with the front set of rings and align screws, tightening softly using Allen key.

Step 5: Start with opposite corners and ensure ring-gap is consistent throughout.

Step 6: Finish tightening rings with 1/4” turn.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 3 – 6 for back rings.

Riflescope: IOR Crusader 5.8-40×56i FFP Tactical 40mm Illuminated MOA

Rings: Tier One OPW 35mm Picatinny Scope Rings

Tool: Wheeler Fat Torque Wrench

If you would like any tips or pointers regarding rifle scopes, please get in touch and we will work on it for you!

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