HIKMICRO Alpex Latest Firmware Update

HIKMICRO has just released the latest firmware for the HIKMICRO Alpex A50T Day and Night Vision Rifle Scope for the UK Market. Please note that this version will not be officially released, so it will only be available to download manually and added directly from a computer.

In this New Firmware Update:

Key Feature - Reticle will now re-centre when increasing magnification.

You will have two zoom options. Both of which return the reticle to the centre of the screen.

For multiple zoom, 1x reticle stays where it is, 2x reticle will return back to centre.

For continuous zoom, there won’t be 1.1x -1.9x anymore, under 1x reticle stays where it is, when you zoom in, you go to 2x magnification, and the reticle goes back to the centre. Then 2.1x, 2.2x …etc.



  • Download the file IPTP_OBV_G5_EN_STD_5.5.55_230330.zip and unzip using the appropriate decompression software from the above link.

HIKMICRO Alpex Firmware Update Flow Chart