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Valdada RAM 0-200 MOA Rocker Adjustable Mount

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Valdada RAM 0-200 MOA Rocker Adjustable Mount

The RAM mount is a brand new concept directed at improving the elevation adjustment capabilities of long range and extreme long range weapon/riflescope systems. We first tested the mount the last week of December 2018 and again January 5th 2019, the last session being recorded on video.

Compared to other products built to achieve the same objective, our mount has no springs, no gears, no clicks and it does not move. It has 5 settings secured with pins: 0 MOA, 50 MOA, 100 MOA, 150 MOA and 200 MOA.

Using this mount it allows the shooter to make precise adjustments with the riflescope turrets and keep the riflescope mechanics and optic system in the "sweet spot", meaning as close as possible to optical and mechanical "zero". Optimizing the optic positioning on the rifle, gives the shooter the absolute best optical performance and mechanical performance from the particular scope used on the rifle. In addition it will help getting your bullet further than it has ever been.

We tested and hit targets with 6.5 Creedmoor rifles at 2280 yards, 7mm Rem Mag and 7/300 rifles to over 3000 yards .338 Lapua and .375  Cheytac to over 3000 yards. It was always a struggle to get there because even with our new Recon G2 scope with 45 Mils or 150 MOA of adjustment we had to go to reticle holdovers and take everything to the very limit. Tested some other adjustable mounts available on the market but none performed well enough for this type of extreme applications.

That pushed our group to think about an improved mounting system that would give us plenty of adjustment, have a reasonable size and weight, keep the scope low enough on the receiver and most importantly DOES NOT MOVE! It looks like Mr. George Banke had the winning idea and we decided to bring it to market.

Ram 200 mount was born.

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Product Name A-Z Valdada RAM 0-200 MOA Rocker Adjustable Mount
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