Ransom Master Series Mega 2 Machine Rest

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Ransom Master Series Mega 2 Machine Rest

''We are excited and proud - after a couple of rigorous years of testing - to finally release The Master Series Mega 2, or what we like to call it; 'The Rifle Master Tester', From Ransom International.'' (Ransom International)

The Master Series® Mega 2 has been designed to give maximum stability and hold for virtually any handheld rifle. This Ransom Rest is actually a machine that has been designed to give maximum accuracy at a minimum cost. It uses a proven concept in its recoil absorbing system. The trigger pull mechanism is also proven in concept and simplicity. Everything was designed to bring the shooter a tool for testing that is safe, portable, accurate and simple.

It is a precision, passive device that holds, fires, and recoils as nearly like the human as possible.

It eliminates the human inconsistencies that ordinarily make rifle testing unreliable.

The Ransom Master Series Mega2 Rifle Tester Rest is the only machine rest we know that successfully accomplishes the goal of precise, repeatable rifle accuracy testing.

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Brand Ransom International
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Ransom Master Series Mega 2 Machine Rest

• The base made and machined from structural steel for strength.
• Front and rear inspection covers
• Front frame end block for battery position
• Rear frame end block for recoil adjustment and hard recoil stop
• 2 bearing riser mounts
• 4 liner high-speed bearings
• 2 corrosive resistant Precision ground and hardened shafts
• Two red cam locks for Minor Column locking ( red knobs under front carriage )
• Locks and retains Minor Elevation Column.
• Minor (Threaded) Elevation Column
• Allows up to 2″ of elevation adjustment
• Major Column matched within .001” to the Minor Column, mounted to bottom of front carriage to support and stabilize front of rifle elevation.
• Handwheel Works in conjunction with Minor (threaded) Column for fine tuning of elevation adjustment for initial target acquisition.
• Sine plate and sine rails mount to the minor column. Allows for tilt of the front clamp assembly if needed to adjust clamp base to fully contact bottom of tapered sporting rifles
• Clamp jaws/ pads also have polyurethane facing to allow clamping without damage to rifle, Clamp pads and threads also allows give to free float rifle more like a human hand.
• Adjustable clamp jaws for height adjustment, also includes 2 hole positions for more height adjustment.
• T handle wrenches (2) for trigger finger and remote cable adjuster and clamp pads.
• Rear clamping jaw pads with multiple different holes, allowing for adjustment to various stocks. Also allowing for many clamping pads if desired, many clamp pads in rear may be desired for soft butt stocks/pads
• Remote trigger assembly with adjustable throw and finger.
• Cam lever locks allow you to pull down or out on the lever lock and reposition the lever to any position you desire.
• Recoil springs (2 different weights provided), with a guide rod, tension adjuster and knurled rod end.

Ransom Master Series Mega 2 Machine Rest

• Heavy-Duty base made and machined from structural steel.
• High speed linear bearings supporting Precision ground and hardened shafts.
• Front clamp to hold rifle forearm securely.
• M2 Inc.® Ratcheting safety straps and M2® ratcheting buckles, 2 in front, one in rear, to securely hold down firearm.
• Separate Front mount with adaptor, allowing a solid, safe connection to rifle with a front stock shoulder strap position. This mount allows you to clip onto rifles that have floating barrels. Securely holding down sporting rifles without strapping or touching down on the floating barrel.
• Acme thread Elevation adjustment with Cast and machined hand wheel and rubber tire, to easily acquire target.
• Adjustable Front carriage slide with 4 Red cam lever locks to lock the front carriage to the position that best fits for rifle being tested.
• Rear butt stock plate, and leather butt stop pad to solidly accept recoil.
• Rear adjustable butt stock clamping positons.
• Front adjustable clamp ears for clamping positions.
• Two adjustable trigger slide lock assemblies and adjustable trigger finger and shoe, allowing precise adjustment for the rifle being tested. Left and right side trigger assemblies are included.
• Adjustable recoil and rebound spring – 2 styles included.
• Total machine weight: approximately 135 pounds. Made in USA


Ransom Master Series Mega 2 Machine Rest

All Ransom International products are warranted against any defects parts or defective craftsmanship for a period of one year.

''We do not support misuse or abuse but we back our machines.'' (Ransom International)


After that one year, Ransom International products are still backed and supported. If you ever have any problem with a Ransom Rest, let us know.

Ransom International products are designed to be a life time machine.

''We have a name of quality and we desire to keep that so. We back our products no matter how long you have had them.'' (Ransom International) 


Thank you for choosing Ransom International for your Firearm testing needs.

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