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Quick-Fire Review IOR Crusader 5.8-40×56 FFP Illuminated

Quick Fire Review - IOR Crusader 5.8-40x56 FFP Illuminated

Shaun presents a quick overview on the IOR Crusader 5.8-40×56 FFP consider one of the best riflescope on the market today even 5 years on since its release. Here Shaun gives some quick and useful information on how to bring the best out of your IOR riflescope plus runs over the key features of the IOR Crusader which help set it aside from the competition. Some of the stand out features of the IOR Crusader 5.8-40×56 FFP include a massive 40mm main tube which gives huge 100 MOA of internal of adjustment. The Crusader includes a first focal plane reticle and a matching click value. Currently only available in MIL however if we get enough comments below enquiring for MOA we will get onto IOR and get some MOA Crusaders made.

If you want to view the IOR Crusader on our website please check out https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/ior-crusader-5-8-40×56-ffp-tactical-40mm-illuminated-mradmrad-xtreme-x1-rifle-scope/

To check out the rest of the IOR range of products please see the below https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/brand/ior/

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