The sound is ON for the Thermion & Axion Series

PULSAR has announced the latest Firmware 2.0 updates that are now
available for the Thermion and Axion Series.

These new updates enhance devices to offer the best user experience
with upgrades being made to the unit’s functionality, image processing and sound recording.

What devices are affected and how:

Updated via Stream Vision
SKUModelFW versionEnabled soundImage processing updateRecording control updateButton assignation update
77421Axion XM30 2.0.005ϒϒϒϒ
77422Axion XM38 2.0.005ϒϒϒϒ
76525Thermion XM38 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
76526Thermion XM50 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
76542Thermion XP38 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
76543 Thermion XP50 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
Updated via USB Cable
SKUModelFW versionEnabled soundImage processing updateRecording control updateButton assignation update
77424Axion Key XM22 1.0.26 ϒ ϒ
77425Axion Key XM301.0.26 ϒ ϒ

Axion XM and Thermion XM & XP Models
– Firmware Updates

The Firmware updates on the Axion XM, Thermion XM & XP models feature many new improvements that make it even easier and more comfortable to operate the units.

Sound Recording
Users can finally record video with sound, meaning you can capture the full experience, whilst using the device.

Image Processing Improvement
New image processing algorithms enhance the sensitivity of the sensor and optimise the image, along with improved image settings in the pre-set observation modes (Rocks, Forest & Identification).

Improved Video Control
Users can now pause a video allowing them to choose the most important moments, whilst leaving out the unimportant ones.

Axion XM Models – Button Assignation Update

The designation of the UP/ZOOM button has been changed to ensure easy access to observation mode selection.

The picture in picture (PIP) function activation has been moved to the main menu.

Sound recording selection icon has been added to the main menu of the unit. To record videos with sound you will be required to activate it in the main menu.

# Function Before Update After Update
1 Zoom Short Press Long Press
2 PIP Long Press Moved to Main Menu
3 MODES Accessed via Main Menu Short Press

Thermion XM & XP – Button Assignation Updates

The controls on Thermion devices have not changed, although the main menu interface has been updated. For easy access in Thermion XM & XP riflescopes observation mode, the selection has been moved to the first position in the main menu and can be quickly accessed with the help of a menu button.

The sound recording selection icon has been added to the main menu of the unit and is required to be activated before recording.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Pulsar Axion XM, Thermion XM & XP Firmware updates.

Axion Key Models – Different Firmware Update Method

The Axion Key model is also getting a Firmware update, providing enhanced image processing algorithms, enhanced sensor sensitivity, optimised image settings and observation modes.

The slight difference with the update of the Axion Key model is the way in which this update can be processed.

As the Axion Key model does not have Wi-Fi connectivity to update the Firmware users will be required to use a Windows operated PC with access to the internet and a USB cable, the same as what can be used for charging the device.

Make sure you have administrator rights to the Windows PC as you may be required to enter your password at several stages, during the update.

How to Update the Axion Key Models Firmware

Follow the below steps to update your Axion Key Firmware:

  1. Check the current version of your Axion Key. To do this go to your device’s main menu, select “Device information” and check what number appears next to “FW”. If it’s “1.20.26” your device is up-to-date, and no further action needs to be taken. If the number is lower than that – please continue with the next steps.
  2. Visit the official Firmware Updates page via the Pulsar website by clicking HERE
  3. Find and download the Axion Key software update application.
  4. Run the application on your PC with a Windows operating system. (You might be asked for the Admin password at this stage).
  5. The Application will open, and you will need to check for drivers for the device. If there are no drivers on the computer, the application will request permission to install them. After user confirmation, the installs will automatically begin.
  6. After installing the drivers, the application will check the device’s connection to the computer via the USB port. If the device is not connected, a request to connect it will appear.
  7. If the device is connected, the application will check the connected device (SKU, HW). If the device already has the latest software installed, the program will inform the user about it and an update will not be necessary.
  8. If the FW of the device requires updating, the “Update device” button will be activated.
  9. When you click the “Update Device” button, the application will inform you about the successful start of the update and ask you to monitor the further progress of the update. You can observe the update progress in the application window, as well as on the display of the device.
  10. At the end of the firmware upgrade, the device will restart automatically. The new FW is installed and ready for use.

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