Pulsar EPS5 Battery Pack

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The EPS5 Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Pack is designed to power Pulsar and Yukon digital devices and thermal imagers. The battery pack can be used with devices such as the Pulsar Forward units, Quantum thermal series and DigiSight N750, plus Yukon's Ranger and Ranger Pro 5x42 digital NV monoculars, Photon 5x42 and other equipment fitted with an external power supply jack.

The use of these high power Battery Packs significantly increases operating time - the EPS5 gives up to 20 hours continous operation.

The higher capacity 5Ah EPS5 is supplied with a 1m cable as standard which allows it to be stored in any suitable place, such as a pocket.

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Brand Pulsar
Popularity Pulsar EPS5 Battery Pack
SKU PU-79112

Rated Capacity (Ah): 5

Full Charge Time (hours): 4

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