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Spuhr Scope Rings for Picatinny

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Spuhr scope rings are made for those who prefer separate rings. The main reason for using Spuhr Scope rings would be because they are somewhat lower than the Spuhr ISMS unimounts.

The Spuhr scope rings are available in one height only – 1” (25,4mm).  They have a built-in level, that is somewhat smaller and not as visible as on the unimount. Dual vials allow the Spuhr scope rings to be mounted for a left handed shooter.  The Spuhr separate rings do not come with any tilt.

Our system for leveling the scope works for separate rings as well; the Spuhr leveling kit A-0080/0081 is included with the rings.

Available in either 30mm or 34mm

Both Diameters of Spuhr Scope Rings come in the below format

Height: 25,4 mm/1”
Length: 32 mm/1,26”
Leveling kit A-0080/81 is included

Tube Diameter



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