Kahles K624i 6-24×56 CC FFP Illuminated Riflescope


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Kahles K624i 6-24×56 CC FFP Illuminated Riflescope

The Kahles K624i 6-24×56 CC is the perfect example of innovation and quality derived from 116 years’ experience building the world’s finest rifle scopes.

The Kahles K624i 6-24×56 CC is a first focal plane riflescope designed for applications where the purest optical clarity can mean the difference between a hit or miss; this optic sets new standards with incredible resolution, contrast, and 95% light transmission.

The Kahles K624i features ultra precision adjustments, constructed of hardened steel and machined to the most demanding tolerances, deliver a lifetime of wear resistance and 100% accuracy.

The elevation adjustment of the Kahles K624i 6-24×56 CC FFP has a second rotation indicator and the most refined zero stop and dial reset available.

Featuring a 34mm main tube that offers 26 Mils or 87 MOA of overall elevation adjustment in just two rotations and precise indexing, adjusting for extreme distances and back to zero is incredibly fast and accurate.

Left or right handed shooters will find the unique and innovative parallax adjustment, located under the elevation turret, superior to all other designs.

This means less time required to engage multiple targets as you won’t have to break your shooting position. These features combined with unmatched optical performance and advanced reticle options are just a few of the reasons why the top shooters in the industry are switching to the K624i.

The Kahles K624i 6-24×56 CC MOAK

The Kahles K624i MOAK offers maximum precision with the special MOAK reticle and ¼ MOA click adjustment.

The ¼ MOA click adjustment and a perfectly designed reticle in the first focal plane guarantee maximum precision over long distances. The specially designed MOAK turret has a third rotational plane and allows simple, precise operation over the entire adjustment range.

Specifically engineered for long range precision and built without compromise, the K624i MOAK delivers the highest level of performance ever achieved.

More information

  • Also as left version available (windage turret integrated on the left side of the scope)
  • Innovative parallax adjustment integrated in the elevation turret (patented)
  • Parallax adjustment from 50m to infinity
  • Illuminated reticle in the first focal plane allow safe distance- and size measurements
Kahles MOAK reticle
MOAK Reticle – 1/4 MOA Clicks

Reticle subtensions

Kahles SKMR Reticle
SKMR Reticle – 0.1 MRAD Clicks

Reticle subtensions

Kahles SKMR3 Reticle
SKMR3 Reticle – 0.1 MRAD Clicks

Reticle subtensions

Objective lens diameter:2.20 inch
Field of view:20.4 – 5.1 ft
Eye relief:3.54 inch
Diopter compensation:+2 / -3.5 dpt
Twilight factor:18.3 – 36.7 DIN 58388
Impact correction per click:0.1 MIL
Parallax adjustment:50-∞
Adjustment range (E/W):7.5 / 3.3 ft
Tube diameter:34mm
Length:15.9 inch
Weight:33.5 oz
Reticle in focal plane:1

Highest Magnification

Illuminated Reticle

Reticle Plane

Tube Diameter




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