Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD FFP Illuminated Mil Mil Zero Stop Riflescope


5.00 out of 5
Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD FFP Illuminated Mil Mil Zero Stop Riflescope

The Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD is undoubtedly a rifle scope that is long overdue in the market. The Delta STRYKER ED features a reticle in the FFP will mil graduations and 0.1 Mil Clicks. The top quality ED glass of the Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD will give an bright and rich in contrast image. The HD / ED glass system is the same as you will find in the highly regarding and thought after Delta Titanium 2.5-15×56 HD. This HD glass system significantly reduces chromatic aberrations and improves overall sharpness & colour reproduction significantly.

The 56mm objective combined with the FMC lenses gives great light transmission & brillaint optical performance even in low light conditions. The well designed LRD reticles of the Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 HD have been tried, tested & thought out by Long Range Design of Sweden who are experts in extreme long range shooting. The DLR reticle of the Delta Stryker ED was designed by Astro Swedens Jannes Nissinen who had taken the guidelines,thoughts, work & feedback from top Scandinavian shooters and designed the DLR reticle which has an MSR style about it but with a very finely marked mil hash center for quick measurement and windage holdovers.

All the reticles in the Delta STRYKER ED are a FFP Milradian based (1 MIL = 10cm at 100m) and are truly unique and have been designed to accommodate every shooters needs. Each of the reticles of the Delta Stryker 4.5-30×56 FFP correspond with the click of the scope which is 1 click equals 0.1 MIL (10mm). The FFP Reticles are designed so the shooter on any magnification can make elevation and windage adjustments using the reticle on any magnification.

The Delta Titanium 4.5-30×56 HD has been built on a sleek and robust 34mm tube which allows the STYKER ED to gain a large range of reticle adjustment which reaches 300cm. This large amount of elevation adjustment will ensure you can get out to 1000 yards +.

The Milradian based turrets of the Delta Styker ED 4.5-30×56 are an open BDC design and are equipped with a Zero Lock mechanism which allows the shooter to set a limit for elevation. The shooter will zero the riflescope at their desired shooting distance, then the zero lock is used to make corrections only in elevation and prevents the user from lowering the point of impact below the user defined limit.  

The Delta Stryker 4.5-30×56 HD weighs only 1042 grams and is a compact size of only 365mm ensuring the scope can fit into any weight constrictions competitions throw at it. 

As standard the Delta STRYKER ED 4.5-30×56 has a 10 year warranty. 

Delta Stryker ED 4.5-30×56 HD FFP MIL / MIL illuminated Features:
  • HD glass which significantly reduces chromatic aberrations and improves sharpness and color reproduction.
  • Fully Multy Coated (FMC) lenses give a great light transmission and a brilliant optical experience.
  • Iluminated reticle – Center only illuminates
  • Zero Stop means that you can always return to zero if you accidentally click off it.
  • Cats Tale lever makes adjusting the magnification an easy job. Switch View Throw lever included. 
  • Side parallax adjusting from 25m to infinity.
  • Clear and distinct click. 11 stage day / night lighting.
  • FFP causes great spirit reticle. MIL / MIL-adjusting both the knobs and the reticle is cm-based.
  • Wide Angle Absence of tubseende and tunnel vision at all magnifications.
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, nitrogen filled.


Magnification: 4.5-30x.

Lens Diameter: 56mm.

Tube size: 34mm.

Field of view: 8.3-1.2m / 100m.

Exit pupil: 8.8-1.9mm.

Eye relief: 80-98mm.

Reticle: illuminated LRD-1T, LRD-1P, DLR-1

Spot size at 100m: 4.5mm.

Number of Mil / clicks: 0.1 mil.

Maximum height adjustment: 29 MIL.

Maximum wind shift: 15 MIL. Number MIL / revolution: 10 MIL.

Parallax: from 25m.

Length: 365mm

Weight: 1042g ..

Warranty: 10 years.

Included: Battery: 1 x CR2032. Allen wrench. User. Lens protection. Switch View Throw Lever.


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Please watch 22:30s to 37 mins for review on the Delta Stryker 4.5-30×56 HD


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Bolwell

    People have different standards and expectations in life; what is good for one may not be good for another – it depends on where your benchmark is and how you view things. If you are anything like me you are therefore skeptical of others’ recommendations until you have seen for yourself – especially if it comes from a business that might have a reason to promote something. So without any disrespect intended towards anybody I was rather unsure about buying this Delta 4.5-30×56 HD FFP scope. How could it possibly be as good as the importer and Mr Sharpshooter suggests for this money? I am a stargazer with £000’s worth of telescopes in my observatory and so when I started reading about ED glass on this scope I knew it wouldn’t have the ‘chromatic aberration’ that is the bane of refractive optics – and you don’t go to that expense on a poor scope. It had to be worth the risk.

    I am not disappointed. On first inspection, off the rifle and in good daylight, the optics are bright and clear – the 56mm objective catching plenty of light. Focus is even across the field of view. As mag increases so focusing is more critical (you would expect that) but not difficult at all. There is NO tunneling of the FOV at the bottom end! None at all. No issues observed at the top end. The illumination (centre dot only) is excellent with an “Off” position in between each level setting. I like that! No continual winding back to “Off” in between shots. The turret clicks are well defined but not as loud as some. There is a clear indication of which Elevation rotation you are on and where centre is on the Windage. I have not yet set the zero.

    I recently viewed another brand with similar features and mag range. It was priced at nearly twice the money but was no better. It was a very good scope but I find myself wondering why anybody would pay the £2,500 asking price when scopes of this calibre are available at this sort of money. One gripe, I have found I tend to undo the illumination battery compartment when adjusting the illumination. I expect to get used to where to grip it.

    This scope is good quality and versatile and at this money it is a no-brainer – unless you are one of those who just has to have the most expensive of everything. Seriously, I cannot imagine anybody being disappointed with it. A friend of mine who used to work for a well known man in Formula one once said that his boss wouldn’t buy anything unless he felt he was stealing it off the vendor. At several hundred pounds less than it’s probable value, this scope feels like that.

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