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Long Range (UP TO 1200 yards)

Long Range MagnificationLong Range Objective SizeField Target Magnification Range

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The magnification choice on the Long Range Rifle scope is very open to choice but scopes tend to be from mid to high mags ie: 5-25x right out to 10-50x etc

First or Second Focal Plane

Long range riflescopes are available in two reticles choices the most commonly used are First focal plane which appear to grow in size and allows the user to have a consistent reticle subtentions on every magnification allow for easier hold offs & hold unders aswell as windage calculations.

However, Second focal plane reticles are also widely used and these style reticles are set to subtend correctly at one magnification and will remain the same size as the user increases the magnification.

Generally, scopes will be equipped with side parallax, for easy adjustment between focus ranges

Turrets on long range riflescopes tend to be an external bdc tactical style in the following adjustments – 1/8 to ¼ moa or 0.1 MRAD also known as mils or cm clicks.

Turrets & Internal adjustment
These large BDC turrets are be easy to operate to allow the user to adjust the internals of their scope without having to remove turret caps. Scopes that have been design for long range centrefire have anywhere from 60 to 120 moa dependant on model, most will be used in conjunction with moa rails or moa rings, 20-30 moa etc to ensure enough elevation for chosen discipline, and so not using turrets to extreme ends of travel to keep best optical performance

Tube Size
Tube sizes of long range discipline optics will range between diameters of 30mm -34mm -35mm 36mm & 40mm the larger the tube size ensure the scopes allows maximum moa/mil travel

Objective Size
Objective sizes of long range scopes are usually larger then 44mm and this larger objective size will maximise available light to help improve clarity of image.

Reticle Choice
Reticles in long shooting will often be a bit more complex then your generic duplex reticle. They will incorporate range finding aids, graphs or windage/holdover visual indicators.

The weight of the reticle will also be of a finer in weight. Long range scopes will often be equipped with illumination which helps to combat this fine nature of the reticle but also helps with shooting in low light or into dark backgrounds.

Reticle will often be available in both MOA or MIL subtentions and 90% of the time will have a matching click value.

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