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Benchrest Shooting

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Benchrest shooting requires you to be pin point accurate, to do this you will need to see exactly where you are aiming. This will require a very fine crosshair so the target and point of impact will be clear of obstructions. There are a few dedicated bench rest scopes available now, all of these have generous magnification and fine cross-hairs with centre dots. These scopes are generally quite light weight due to restrictions in some competitions.

Accurate and precise clicks are a must, the scope must track straight and true so you can achieve the perfect score. The preferred choice is 1/8 clicks however other click adjustments work fine, and light weight scope body to comply with most weight restrictions found in bench rest competitions.


Higher magnification scopes are generally used for this discipline so that you can clearly see the target you are aiming at and make sure you are dead centre of the ‘bull’ 36x-50x seems most popular but higher magnification can increase visible heat haze, scopes of 20x- 35x magnification can be used and generally come in at a lower cost, so is perfect for beginners to learn how to use the equipment and make sure they are wanting to continue in this discipline before paying out for top end scopes.

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