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Air Rifle Hunting

Air Rifle Hunting MagnificationAir Rifle Hunting Field of View

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When hunting simplicity and wide field of view is the key so you can find your quarry and dispatch of it quickly and cleanly. For most hunt scenarios anywhere between 1x-16x magnification is more than adequate.


This depends entirely on what it is you are shooting, Air rifles have a ‘loopy’ trajectory and therefore mil-dot or mil-hash reticules are very useful, this will also aid your range finding if you use a bracketing system, generally scopes catering for air rifle use will be parallax adjustable down to 10 Yards, meaning you are able to use the scope for close dispatch of vermin.

Illuminated reticles are very useful in dusk and dawn conditions as well as using in conjunction to night vision or lamping. This helps you pick out the reticle against the background or target very easily.