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Hunter Field Target (HFT)

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The majority of Hunter Field Target (HFT) competitions are shot from 8 Yards – 45 Yards, you are prohibited from adjusting your scope during the competition. This means that you will need a scope with a large depth of view, the preferred magnification is between 6-12x magnification.


To get the best out of a scope for this type of shooting keeping to a low magnification I key, this will generally mean you have an increased depth of field (this means you can see a greater distance clearly without adjusting the parallax). The most popular magnification to use is 10x, this gives a good compromise between depth of field and ability to see the target clearly.


In HFT the reticle choice can have a big impact on how accurately you rangefind targets as Bracketing is the only way you can use the scope to give an indication on distance, generic Mil-Dot can be used but the gaps between the aim points are a little large to be accurate with this method. A ‘HMD’ (Half Mil-Dot) or Mil-Hash reticle will be a better option as you have multiple aim points that can also be used as a scale for measuring the distance too.

‘FFP’ (First Focal Plane) & ‘SFP’ (Second Focal Plane)

First Focal Plane scopes are very useful as when you increase or decrease the magnification the reticle will become larger or smaller depending on the change in magnification, this means that your aim points will remain the same at all times. If you are using a scope for more than one use for example HFT and hunting you can increase your magnification while out in the field and not have to worry about your point of impact changing.

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