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Field Target (FT)

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The Field Target discipline consists of targets set out from 10 Yards – 55 Yards, and have Hit Zones in three main sizes, 15mm, 25mm and 45mm.

To find the range of these targets you must use your intuition and Scope’s ability to parallax accurately and consistently so you have an accurate measurement for you to adjust your elevation, this could be hold over or ‘dialled in’ dialling measurements are done in a few different calibrations the most common ones are ¼ inch, 1/8 inch and 0.1 MRAD, any of the mentioned calibrations will work for Field Target.


Scope magnification will play a big part in accurate range finding, as a general rule the higher the magnification the smaller the depth of view will be, this means you will have a clearer indication of what range a target is away, however high magnification needs extremely good glass quality, so the cheaper options may look a little milky at full magnification but will work much better after backing the magnification off a little.

Reticle choice:

This will play a large part in the decision of what scope you choose, some people will prefer an ‘uncluttered’ view, this could mean a fine cross, target dot or duplex reticle. Others prefer a reticle with multiple aim points, this can be used for aiming off in windy conditions and if you decide you would like to use holdover instead of ‘dialling’ this is a necessity. Graduation marks in the reticle can also be used to ‘bracket’ (this is another way of range finding) bracketing is where you create a scale that you can measure the targets in relation to the reticle so that you can gauge the distance by how much of the reticle if covered at a set magnification.

Illumination is a very handy feature in dark lanes or dark painted targets, this will allow you to see the reticle much clearer, and saving time trying to locate the centre when on the clock

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