Our Suggested Night Vision Air Rifle Scopes

Night Vision

Air Rifle Night Vision Add OnAir Rifle Night Vision Digital UnitsAir Rifle Night Vision Tubed Units

These are our top picks for Air Rifle Night Vision. We’ve chosen these based on our experience of using these scopes in the field.

Night vision units come in a few different designs:

‘Add on units’

Add on units connect to the front or back of the scope and use the scopes reticle and magnification. These work best on scopes without advanced lens coating as this can stop the infrared light from being detected by the unit. Objective lenses with a larger diameter are preferred for greater light gathering, which gives you a better sight picture and makes it easier to detect your quarry.

Digital Units

Digital units are designed to be used as standalone night vision scopes. They have all the features of a standard scope built into the unit. Units like ATN are built to work in day or night conditions so you don’t need to switch scopes between day and night. This also helps with zeroing and setting up your aim points.

Tubed Units

These are the best quality night vision optics. However,

These are the best quality of night vision optics, however they are very delicate to light, if you turn it on in daylight you will damage the tube causing the quality to rapidly deteriorate.

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