Our Recommended Scopes for Air Rifle Hunting

Air Rifle hunting

Air Rifle Hunting MagnificationAir Rifle Hunting Field Of View

These are our top picks for Air Rifle Hunting. We’ve chosen these based on our experience of using these scopes in the field.

Simplicity and wide field of view is the key when hunting. This means you can find your quarry and dispatch of it quickly and cleanly. A scope with 1-16x magnification is more than adequate in most hunt scenarios.


Reticle choice depends entirely on what you are shooting. Air rifles have a ‘loopy’ trajectory so mil-dot or mil-hash reticles are very useful. If you use a bracketing system, this will also help you to rangefind. Generally speaking scopes made for use with air rifles will be parallax adjustable down to 10 yards, which means you’re able to use the scope for dispatching vermin up close.

If you are going to be shooting in dusk or dawn conditions, illuminated reticles can be very useful in conjustion with night vision or lamping. Having an illumated reticle helps to pick out the reticle against the background or target very easily.

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    First of all thanks for such a comprehensive article about air rifle scopes. it is very helpful especially for beginners like me. After reading this article, Now I am able to pick the best one and I am going to choose Hawke Airmax. What do you say about my choice?

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