Introducing: Xmount® Clamp – allowing accurate firing from all positions.

Introducing: Xmount® Clamp - allowing firing from all positions.
Tactical Shooting Solutions Xmount® Clamp

In the past, long range shooting has been taught on the most stable platform available; the ground. In the complexity of modern day military operations and challenging civilian shooting events, only a small amount of shots are actually taken from the age old “prone position”.

Traditional shooting methods will always form the foundation of good marksmanship. However these fundamentals will require slight adjustments to accommodate all types of environments and abilities as shooting sports become more accessible to a vast range of people with differing physical abilities and ages.

Xmount® Clamp

The Xmount® Clamp was originally developed around military applications in order to allow firing from all positions. Its simplicity and ease of use makes it a perfect piece of equipment to either increase your shooting ability or to allow shooting from a number of positions such as kneeling, standing, from a sitting position such as a wheel chair or comfortable seat, whilst hunting or at the range. Without needing to rely on bipod legs and the ground as the shooting platform, the Xmount® allows the weapon or optic to be held securely in any position the firer requires, which presents many different shooting opportunities in a vast number of environments.


The Xmount® was designed and developed by a military Sniper with over 20 years of military experience in both training and combat environments to allow any type of weapon to be firmly secured in the device. After many years of getting by with poor shooting positions when the prone position could not be utilised, he decided to develop something that could help out in these situations. The idea first started as a cradle filled with foam which was then screwed to the top of a wooden tripod in 1998. This idea naturally evolved and led to the development of the current Xmount®.

Xmount® Clamp

Made in the United Kingdom with strict manufacturing processes using the best materials available, the Xmount® is a piece of equipment that you can rely upon for life. It has been tried, tested and used by the worlds most highly trained snipers, police marksman, civilian shooters and hunters, and has also proven its worth in combat environments. The Xmount® boasts a number of special features which increases the options for its use, they include;

  • Picatinny rail: allowing shooters to attach equipment such as wind meters and elevation charts.
  • Bubble level for anti cant, always allowing for perfect set up.
  • Strapping loops for suspension from tree branches, building structures or simply strapping to the rear of your hunting pack.

This versatile weapon clamp has everything covered! The Xmount® is guaranteed for life and really is a must-have piece of kit to succeed in getting that all-important shot.

What makes the X-Mount better then its competition?

Competitors use bent steel which is the cheapest possible way of manufacturing a gun clamp. Bent steel is heavy and rusts when scratched along. Competitors options ;  

1. Also made quite cheap with steel rods to support the sliding plate. 

2. Handle snags on equipment and vegetation.

3. Screw protrudes outside of base, if this gets knocked it damages the screw making the whole unit US, need to replace handle and screw.

4. No anti cant set up (bubble level)

5. No strapping points for suspending or risking to kit when not attached to tripod.

6. Rattles

7. Screw thread is exposed so it gets dirty and is hard to close.

8. Does not contain a rail for the fixture of wind meters and other equipment such as a torch.

9. Only supplied in one colour.

10. No guarantee.The rubber is coloured which reduces life and grip. 

The Tactical Shooting Solutions Xmount has all these problems taken care of.


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