Our Favourite Air Rifle Benchrest Scopes


Benchrest MagnificationBenchrest CrosshairBenchrest Click Adjustment

These are our top picks for Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting. We’ve chosen these based on our experience of using these scopes in the field.

Benchrest shooting requires pin-point accuracy, and you need to be able to see exactly where you are aiming. With this in mind, a fine crosshair can be very helpful as it doesn’t obstruct the shooter’s view of the target or point of impact. There are a few scopes available that are dedicated to benchrest shooting, all of which have large magnification and fine crosshairs with centre dots. Due to restrictions in some competitions, these scopes generally tend to be quite light weight.

The scope must track straight and true so you can achieve the best possible score, so accurate and precise clicks are a must. Generally, benchrest shooters prefer 1/8 clicks, although other click adjustments work too, and a lightweight scope body tocomply with weight restrictions found in most benchrest competitions.


Benchrest shooters tend to use higher magnification scopes so that the target can be seen clearly and you can make sure you are dead centre of the ‘bull’. 36-50x is generally popular but higher magnifications can increase visible heat haze. Scopes with 20-35x magnification can be used and are usually more affordable, making them perfect for beginners to learn how to use the equipment and get into benchrest shooting before paying for a top-end scope.

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