The sound is ON for the Thermion & Axion Series

PULSAR has announced the latest Firmware 2.0 updates that are now
available for the Thermion and Axion Series.

These new updates enhance devices to offer the best user experience
with upgrades being made to the unit’s functionality, image processing and sound recording.

What devices are affected and how:

Updated via Stream Vision
SKUModelFW versionEnabled soundImage processing updateRecording control updateButton assignation update
77421Axion XM30 2.0.005ϒϒϒϒ
77422Axion XM38 2.0.005ϒϒϒϒ
76525Thermion XM38 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
76526Thermion XM50 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
76542Thermion XP38 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
76543 Thermion XP50 2.0.011ϒϒϒ 
Updated via USB Cable
SKUModelFW versionEnabled soundImage processing updateRecording control updateButton assignation update
77424Axion Key XM22 1.0.26 ϒ ϒ
77425Axion Key XM301.0.26 ϒ ϒ

Axion XM and Thermion XM & XP Models
– Firmware Updates

The Firmware updates on the Axion XM, Thermion XM & XP models feature many new improvements that make it even easier and more comfortable to operate the units.

Sound Recording
Users can finally record video with sound, meaning you can capture the full experience, whilst using the device.

Image Processing Improvement
New image processing algorithms enhance the sensitivity of the sensor and optimise the image, along with improved image settings in the pre-set observation modes (Rocks, Forest & Identification).

Improved Video Control
Users can now pause a video allowing them to choose the most important moments, whilst leaving out the unimportant ones.

Axion XM Models – Button Assignation Update

The designation of the UP/ZOOM button has been changed to ensure easy access to observation mode selection.

The picture in picture (PIP) function activation has been moved to the main menu.

Sound recording selection icon has been added to the main menu of the unit. To record videos with sound you will be required to activate it in the main menu.

# Function Before Update After Update
1 Zoom Short Press Long Press
2 PIP Long Press Moved to Main Menu
3 MODES Accessed via Main Menu Short Press

Thermion XM & XP – Button Assignation Updates

The controls on Thermion devices have not changed, although the main menu interface has been updated. For easy access in Thermion XM & XP riflescopes observation mode, the selection has been moved to the first position in the main menu and can be quickly accessed with the help of a menu button.

The sound recording selection icon has been added to the main menu of the unit and is required to be activated before recording.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Pulsar Axion XM, Thermion XM & XP Firmware updates.

Axion Key Models – Different Firmware Update Method

The Axion Key model is also getting a Firmware update, providing enhanced image processing algorithms, enhanced sensor sensitivity, optimised image settings and observation modes.

The slight difference with the update of the Axion Key model is the way in which this update can be processed.

As the Axion Key model does not have Wi-Fi connectivity to update the Firmware users will be required to use a Windows operated PC with access to the internet and a USB cable, the same as what can be used for charging the device.

Make sure you have administrator rights to the Windows PC as you may be required to enter your password at several stages, during the update.

How to Update the Axion Key Models Firmware

Follow the below steps to update your Axion Key Firmware:

  1. Check the current version of your Axion Key. To do this go to your device’s main menu, select “Device information” and check what number appears next to “FW”. If it’s “1.20.26” your device is up-to-date, and no further action needs to be taken. If the number is lower than that – please continue with the next steps.
  2. Visit the official Firmware Updates page via the Pulsar website by clicking HERE
  3. Find and download the Axion Key software update application.
  4. Run the application on your PC with a Windows operating system. (You might be asked for the Admin password at this stage).
  5. The Application will open, and you will need to check for drivers for the device. If there are no drivers on the computer, the application will request permission to install them. After user confirmation, the installs will automatically begin.
  6. After installing the drivers, the application will check the device’s connection to the computer via the USB port. If the device is not connected, a request to connect it will appear.
  7. If the device is connected, the application will check the connected device (SKU, HW). If the device already has the latest software installed, the program will inform the user about it and an update will not be necessary.
  8. If the FW of the device requires updating, the “Update device” button will be activated.
  9. When you click the “Update Device” button, the application will inform you about the successful start of the update and ask you to monitor the further progress of the update. You can observe the update progress in the application window, as well as on the display of the device.
  10. At the end of the firmware upgrade, the device will restart automatically. The new FW is installed and ready for use.


Words: Mark Lawrence
Photos: Mark Lawrence and BFTA

It all culminated in the last round of the GP series at Blackbrook on the 25th of August. One of the hottest days of shooting I’ve had in a long-time lead to an interesting and testing day. Not only crazy 34C heat but some gusty switching winds also added to the days drama.

Course was a well-balanced course that suited the weather and kept you interested. 

After a long and costly series for a lot of shooters, travelling the whole country the results were finally decided.

Well done to the Air Arms Teams in the BFTA Grand Prix 2019 Series and Mark Bassett for the overall AA grade winner.


Trophies where handed out for each class, with some add on prizes well supported by Optics Warehouse.


The UKBR22 Nationals took place recently and by the sounds of it the competition was a huge success with a strong turnout, high scoring heats and some brilliant shooting.

We are proud to be a part of the UKBR22 and congratulations to all the winners from the weekend! Have a read below to find out how it all went down.

WORDS: Colin Rose, Event Organiser.
PHOTOS: Copyright of Colin Rose * UKBR22 Nationals.

The UKBR22 or to give us our Sunday name The United Kingdom Association of Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting holds a annual National competition for both Air Rifle and Rimfire Rifle High Accuracy shooting. We gather on the Friday of the August Bank Holiday Weekend which is our set up or practice day. The air rifle is shot over a distance of 25meters outdoors and consists of 2 classes, Light Hunter (10. lbs rifles) and Heavy Hunter (14.5lbs rifles). The rimfire is shot over 25meters indoors and 50meters outdoors with the same 2 weight classes.

Each round (or detail) consists of one card with 25 scoring targets on it, and you have a maximum of 20 minuets to shoot your card. By hitting the center you score 10 points and bu obliterating the center (tutching it in 50meter rimfire) you score a 10 X.

Sounds easy!!

OK, both competition days had tricky conditions, what little wind there was came and went very quickly, and the rising heat was also causing a few problems for the shooters.

The results are as follow (keep in mind that the maximum score in each discipline was 750 and 75 X’s)

Air Hunter Light Varmint (Shot on Saturday with an entry of 18)
1st – David Hopkins with a score of 735 and 18 X’s
2nd – Carl Hanson with a score of 734 and 22 X’s
3rd – Steve Rogers with a score of 734 and 16 X’s
So all to play for on the Sunday!

Air Hunter Heavy Varmint (Shot on Sunday with an entry of 19)
1st – David Hopkins with a score of 737 and 24 X’s
2nd – Steve Rogers with a score of 735 and 21 X’s
3rd – Colin Renwick with a score of 733 and 21 X’s

So the Aggregate score worked out as
1st – David Hopkins with a convincing winning score of 1475 and 42 X’s. David won an Air Arms HFT500 set in a custom benchrest stock.
2nd – Steve Rogers with a fantastic score of 1469 and 37 X’s
3rd – Colin Renwick with a very respectable score of 1467 and 36 X’s

Sadly we only had one Aggregate prize, but will be hoping to better this next year.

Light Varmint 25meters indoor (shot on Saturday with an entry of 6)
1st – Graham Whitelock with a score of 750 and 65 X’s
2nd – John Almond with a score of 750 and 64 X’s
3rd – Colin Rose with a score of 747 and 55 X’s

Light Varmint 50meters out doors (shot on Saturday with an entry of 12)
1st – Richard Collins with a score of744 and 41 X’s
2nd – Richard Sysum With a score of 743 and 40 X’s
3rd – Colin Evans with a score of 742 and 41 X’s

Heavy Varmint 25meters indoor (shot on Sunday with an entry of 10)
1st – Colin Rose with a score of 750 and 64 X’s
2nd – John Almond with a score of 750 and 63 X’s
3rd –  Graham Whitelock with a score of 750 and 58 X’s

Heavy Varmint 50meters outdoors (shot on Sunday with an entry of 18)
1st – Richard Collins with a score of 744 and 41 X’s
2nd – Colin Rose with a score of 744 and 39 X’s
3rd – Carl Hanson with a score of 744 and 38 X’s

25meter rimfire aggregate results
1st – John Almond with a score of1500 and 127 X’s. john won the £50 gift voucher very kindly donated by Optics Warehouse.
2nd – Graham Whitelock with a score of 1500 and 123 X’s.
3rd – Colin Rose with a score of 1497 and 119 X’s

50meters rimfire aggregate results
1st – Richard Collins with a score of 1488 and 82 X’s. Richard Collins won a scope donated anonymously, but which had been purchased from Optics Warehouse at a special offer price.
2nd – Colin Evans with a score of 1482 and 81 X’s
3rd – carl Hanson with a score of 1480 and 76 X’s

The UKBR22 Association committee and all of its members and those who shot this competition who are not members would like to thank Optics Warehouse for supporting our event, we look forward to possibly having Optics Warehouse supporting our event next year.

Can I say on a personal note that I have been using Optics Warehouse for over 10 years, and have seen it grow and grow. Its services is second to none and I have always found them helpful and knowledgeable in the goods they supply. I would never hesitate in recommending Optics Warehouse to anyone looking for, well almost anything to do with sights and accessories.

If anyone has never shot Benchrest come along to the Air Arms Experience and have a go!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://ukbr22.org.uk/


This year, and with great pride, we sponsored the 2019 Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet (AAFGCM) at NOMADS HFT Club. Held once a year and for the third year running, the AAFGCM is an action packed, fun filled weekend with many competitions and prizes to be won.

Below, Carl Clayton (Donations organiser) gives his run-down of this years Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet. Make sure to have a read and check out the photos.

Shoutout’s go to Carl Clayton, Mick Boswell, Peter Staddon and of course, NOMADS HFT. Expect the full story in Airgun World Magazine soon.
Photo’s are credited to Peter Staddon.

‘On the 23rd of august Airgunforum.co.uk and Nomads hft club held their annual charity meet at the Nomads hft ground and we raised funds for Newlife a charity for disabled children that runs the only fast-track equipment services in the UK helping children in great need. Thousands of them rely on Newlife to get the equipment they need, equipment that has often been refused by the statutory services or the delays in provision mean that the child will suffer unnecessarily.

On the first day, our members started turning up early and kept trickling in all afternoon, with organisers arriving the night before and we had a general meet and greet. We got to meet a lot of first timers and seasoned attendees and introduced ourselves, a lot of new friendships were made and old ones rekindled. After setting up camp and chatting amongst ourselves the day was almost over and we had a barbecue and a few beverages whilst sat around the fire. and sat around chatting and eating burgers, hotdogs and venison steaks.

The second day everyone was waking up to a beautiful morning and raring to go, breakfast eaten and coffee drank the hft competition was about to start, we had a safety briefing and were put into groups, hft regulars were paired with first timers and off we went to tackle the world class course, it was hot and a few of us struggled but we all finished in good spirits. after a respite from the heat there were other events to take part in, a long shot competition where it was sudden death, 6 targets on a `tree` at an undisclosed distance…miss and you were out.

There was also seek and destroy, where 3 targets were hidden in a wooded area and the shooter had to locate and shoot them in 1 minute. Bell target was next and was hotly contested amongst those taking part, this was also a first for some members. and another event that was arranged was a pistol competition, i didn’t enter that as i’m a rubbish shot with a pistol but would like to get better so i can compete next year if i can somehow find the money for a pistol (don’t tell the wife haha).

There was a plinking range with targets at ranges from about 8 yards out to around 50 that attracted a lot of shooters, those that couldn’t take part in other events due to various reasons such as disability, i didn’t do much (im the beardy chap with 1 hand and red cap) but this was also an opportunity to chat further…shooting the breeze, comparing notes and trying each others equipment.

After the bell target competition was over we had our raffle, the prizes ranged from pens to scopes, clothing and even a rifle that was donated by one of our members. then it was time for the prize giving with winners of several categories collected their prize.

The categories were.
Pcp champion
Recoiling champion
Ladies champion
Junior champion
Rubbish shot
.22 champion
Long range
Worst excuse
Bell target champion
Pistol champion
Seek and destroy

Overall we had wonderful weather and a fun atmosphere and a ‘LOT of banter, a great time was had by everyone even the kids that came along, my daughter tiffany included, she is 5 and loves going to these events with me (shes the little blue eyed blonde)
A few of the attendees stayed behind on the last day to compete against the Nomads regular members, and the rest of us drifted off home.

Thank you for your support it really made a difference to some childrens lives.’

For more information, visit: https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php

50CAL TEAM GB – 2019 FCSA 50Cal World Championships

We are proud to announce that we have sponsored 50Cal Team GB in the 2019 FCSA 50cal World Championships, held annually at NRA Whittington Centre, Raton, New Mexico. Dave Stubb’s (Team Captain) provides a round-up of how the team got on. Have a read and flick through the images.

We wish 50Cal Team GB all the best of luck in future competitions and well done out in the US chaps. Brilliant work!

PHOTOS: Any photos depicting Team GB 50cal Rifle Team are copyright to both FCSA UK and R G Ireland.

‘With the .50 cal world championships complete and everybody home we can now reflect on what was another great competition for the UK squad.

Yet again our American counterparts and the US FCSA proved to be great hosts at what has got to be one of the finest range facilities worldwide the NRA Whittington Centre in Raton, New Mexico.

This year with our 8 man team we successfully managed to compete in all classes travelling with our own rifle set ups procured in the UK.

Conditions as normal were tough, with the New Mexico heat, altitude plus unpredictable winds testing our marksmanship skills to the maximum, a real testament to the lads putting us at a slight disadvantage to our fellow competitors who regularly shoot and compete on the range.

Our competition started with the 600 yard practical match, a match where competitors are issued with ammunition of unknown performance. The key is to determine as quickly as possible with limited sighting shots, shot fall on a 8” target, rapid scope corrections to dial in accuracy on the scoring target. Great performance by Robin Ireland for coming in 6th Place and Scott Wylie for coming in the top 10.

We then moved onto the main 1000 yard competition split into a number of category’s being lightweight, hunter, unlimited and heavy or if you’re a sucker for punishment like myself you shoot what is referred to as the Ironman which sees the competitor shooting all the classes. Each class represents differing criteria for rifle set up relating to maximum weight and configuration i.e. has folding bi-pod etc. Generally competitors have an array of differing rifles to meet the category, but due to our travel constrains the UK team shoot all catergories with one rifle as in reality we shoot what we can carry.

Although this brings its challenges some great performances from the team , we had a number of rookie shooters who really stepped up this include Linus Ridge , Tom Jamieson and our youngest team member Adrian Geelmuyden scoring respectively in the shooter rankings.

Kit selection is critical especially optics , the heat of the mid-day sun creates havoc with deceptive mirage typical selection for the trip sees the use of the big IOR Terminator generally set to 26 power to give a true use of the graduated MOA reticule. Schmitt and Bender PM 2, Nightforce and Vortex would also be examples of optics used by the team all robust in construction, crystal clear glass and positive adjustment providing accurate tracking adjustment when correcting for the range conditions we faced, likewise the OPW tier one or Sphur mounts being the mounts of choice in most cases.

The team also took an array of Vortex spotting scopes again where optical performance is key, an incorrect call from a spotter can mean dropping essential scoring shots during the height of competition.

A massive thank you to Optics Warehouse for sponsoring the UK .50 cal rifle team , without UK businesses such as them we would really struggle , not only for their support during the competition but also for help and assistance ensuring we have quality equipment to purchase ready available throughout our shooting year. They truly set the standard the on range of equipment available, service and product backup when required.

Wishing Scott, Shaun and the rest of the OPW team all the best from the UK team

Best regards Dave Stubbs Great Britain .50 cal 2019 Team Captain’


TILTED MOUNTS are necessary when shooting at very long distances. We generally recommend as little tilt as possible as large amounts of tilt really may have a negative impact on the quality of the sight picture. In most cases 6-9 MIL (20-30 MOA) will have no negative impact on picture quality while still providing greater available adjustment range for long-range shooting.

To allow for the greatest available range of adjustment choose a mount with a tilt that is half of the scope’s range of elevation. For example, Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 have a maximum elevation adjustment of 26 MIL (93 MOA,) you should, therefore, choose a mount with 13 MIL (45 MOA) in tilt. Doing so assures that you are able to adjust the sight out to very long distances. 

However, when mounted in this extreme elevation it’s common to experience optical defects such as an oval picture when shooting at close targets, etc. We, therefore, recommend that when fitting a large elevation scope (such as 26 MIL/93 MOA) on a .308 rifle that will only be used out to 1000 meters, to choose a 6 MIL/20 MOA tilt as it’s more than sufficient for that use.

Please note that using a degree of tilt that is more than half of the scope’s elevation adjustment will make it impossible to zero your rifle at 100!

For a great Tilting Mount, we recommend the Spuhr ISMS series available here: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/brand/spuhr/

Note: Same applies on all One-Piece Scope Mounts.

Pulsar Thermion XP50 In-The-Field Footage

SHOP PULSAR THERMION XP50: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/pulsar-thermion-xp50-thermal-weapon-riflescope-640×480-17um/

Boasting state-of-the-art design and the latest in advanced technological innovations, the Pulsar Thermion XP50 delivers the premium thermal imaging you’ve come to expect, but on a traditional-style aircraft-grade 30 mm-tube. The Pulsar Thermion XP50 Thermal Rifle scopes is Pulsar’s flagship model and comes with a 640×480 microbolometer sensor resolution with a 17μ pixel pitch.

Beyond looks, the Pulsar Thermion XP50 is anything but traditional it has 8-color-pallette imaging on a full-color 1024×768 HD AMOLED display and a jaw-dropping 2,300-yard heat-signature detection range.

The Pulsar Thermion XP50 features include picture-in-picture, 15 reticles in up to 4 colors—black, red, white and green, integrated still image and video recording with audio on 16gb of internal storage, Wi-Fi with Pulsar’s Stream Vision app, 50Hz frame rate for fluid motion imaging and an onboard rechargeable battery pack.

The Pulsar Thermion XP50 weighs 31.7 ounces and is recoil rated to handle .375 H&H, 9.3×64 and 12-gauge.

The cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescope is perfect for professional hunters who value traditions and seek technological superiority.

(All footage was taken without the scope being mounted on a rifle)



Optics Warehouse is proud to be sponsoring the GB .50CAL Team for 2019. The team will be entering a number of competitions throughout this year and we wish them the very best of luck.

Last weekend the team were training at Orion Firearms in Wales. Despite the challenging weather conditions, it was a successful warm-up for the upcoming events. Below are a number of shots of what the Team will be shooting.

As you can see the IOR Terminator 12-52×56 SFP Riflescope is featured twice on competitors shooters set-ups due to the premium German Schott glass, robust nature and massive 40mm tube that offers the shooter 120MOA of adjustment. The Terminator is a favourite amongst the GB .50 CAL Team due to it being specially designed for long range target shooting on heavy recoiling rifles.


We will keep you posted with how GB .50 CAL get on.

The Team will also be travelling across the pond to compete in America next year. Watch this space!

Why you SHOULD choose BKL for your Air Rifle or Rimfire.

Strong One-Piece Clamping Base allows easy mounting of 1-inch and 30mm rifle or pistol scopes.

Patented Auto-Centering technology solves the problems created by varying mounting rail widths.

Clamping Legs move equally as the clamping screws are tightened keeping the scope centered on the rail.

Auto-Centering Technology

Oversize mounting rails? No problem. Clamping screws can be switched to BKL’s unique Spreader Holes to evenly push the clamping legs apart allowing the mount base to slide onto the dovetail.

Airgunners and Rimfire shooters also benefit from the proliferation of Picatinny rail-mounted optics and accessories with our Weaver/Picatinny to Dovetail Adaptor Mounts.

BKL mounts are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy on state of the art machinery in Texas.