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About Tenebraex
Tenebraex are a Canadian company with products cover a wide range of applications, with anti-reflection devices, flip covers, weapon sight polarizers, adapter rings, and sunguards to fit everything from field binoculars to long range professional telescopes.

Their products include:

  • KillFlash ARDs, which use a high-tech honeycomb material to provide a low-cost, retro-fittable, field-practical way to hide reflections from optical surfaces.
  • Flip Covers, which provide protection for your optic and can conveniently flip up and out of the way when it’s time to shoot.
  • Adapter Rings, which are used to attach various accessories like KillFlash  ARD’s or Flip Covers to your rifle scope.
  • Weapon Sight Polarizers, which helps see clearly through reflected glare on glass, and reduces glare when shooting over water or snow fields. (LE & MIL only)