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Form Rifle Stocks

Form Rifle Stocks produce top-quality hardwood riflestocks from their base in the rolling Devon hills. Form Rifle Stocks reparent the very best of British manufacturing and we couldn’t be happier to add them to our range, especially considering they are precision-engineered just miles away from Optics Warehouse’s HQ. If you are interested to find out more about Form Rifle Stock’s exacting manufacturing processes be sure to check out their YouTube channel here.

Every Form Rifle Stock is produced on a six-axis CNC machine which was custom built for the company by CMS in Italy, this machine is accurate to 0.01 mm, ensuring each stock is produced true to the computer programme it was designed on. The laminate hardwood timber used to create the stocks comes from CWP in Finland, who have a stellar reputation in dying and manufacturing Scandinavian birch veneers. Each stock is hand sanded to ensure a superlative finish.

We stock Form Rifle Stocks to fit a wide variety of popular rifles such as Remington and Tikka and can also help with custom stock orders. Be sure to give us a ring on 01803 611895 or drop us an email at sales@opticswarehouse.co.uk if you have any questions about these fantastic stocks.


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