50CAL TEAM GB – 2019 FCSA 50Cal World Championships

We are proud to announce that we have sponsored 50Cal Team GB in the 2019 FCSA 50cal World Championships, held annually at NRA Whittington Centre, Raton, New Mexico. Dave Stubb’s (Team Captain) provides a round-up of how the team got on. Have a read and flick through the images.

We wish 50Cal Team GB all the best of luck in future competitions and well done out in the US chaps. Brilliant work!

PHOTOS: Any photos depicting Team GB 50cal Rifle Team are copyright to both FCSA UK and R G Ireland.

‘With the .50 cal world championships complete and everybody home we can now reflect on what was another great competition for the UK squad.

Yet again our American counterparts and the US FCSA proved to be great hosts at what has got to be one of the finest range facilities worldwide the NRA Whittington Centre in Raton, New Mexico.

This year with our 8 man team we successfully managed to compete in all classes travelling with our own rifle set ups procured in the UK.

Conditions as normal were tough, with the New Mexico heat, altitude plus unpredictable winds testing our marksmanship skills to the maximum, a real testament to the lads putting us at a slight disadvantage to our fellow competitors who regularly shoot and compete on the range.

Our competition started with the 600 yard practical match, a match where competitors are issued with ammunition of unknown performance. The key is to determine as quickly as possible with limited sighting shots, shot fall on a 8” target, rapid scope corrections to dial in accuracy on the scoring target. Great performance by Robin Ireland for coming in 6th Place and Scott Wylie for coming in the top 10.

We then moved onto the main 1000 yard competition split into a number of category’s being lightweight, hunter, unlimited and heavy or if you’re a sucker for punishment like myself you shoot what is referred to as the Ironman which sees the competitor shooting all the classes. Each class represents differing criteria for rifle set up relating to maximum weight and configuration i.e. has folding bi-pod etc. Generally competitors have an array of differing rifles to meet the category, but due to our travel constrains the UK team shoot all catergories with one rifle as in reality we shoot what we can carry.

Although this brings its challenges some great performances from the team , we had a number of rookie shooters who really stepped up this include Linus Ridge , Tom Jamieson and our youngest team member Adrian Geelmuyden scoring respectively in the shooter rankings.

Kit selection is critical especially optics , the heat of the mid-day sun creates havoc with deceptive mirage typical selection for the trip sees the use of the big IOR Terminator generally set to 26 power to give a true use of the graduated MOA reticule. Schmitt and Bender PM 2, Nightforce and Vortex would also be examples of optics used by the team all robust in construction, crystal clear glass and positive adjustment providing accurate tracking adjustment when correcting for the range conditions we faced, likewise the OPW tier one or Sphur mounts being the mounts of choice in most cases.

The team also took an array of Vortex spotting scopes again where optical performance is key, an incorrect call from a spotter can mean dropping essential scoring shots during the height of competition.

A massive thank you to Optics Warehouse for sponsoring the UK .50 cal rifle team , without UK businesses such as them we would really struggle , not only for their support during the competition but also for help and assistance ensuring we have quality equipment to purchase ready available throughout our shooting year. They truly set the standard the on range of equipment available, service and product backup when required.

Wishing Scott, Shaun and the rest of the OPW team all the best from the UK team

Best regards Dave Stubbs Great Britain .50 cal 2019 Team Captain’


TILTED MOUNTS are necessary when shooting at very long distances. We generally recommend as little tilt as possible as large amounts of tilt really may have a negative impact on the quality of the sight picture. In most cases 6-9 MIL (20-30 MOA) will have no negative impact on picture quality while still providing greater available adjustment range for long-range shooting.

To allow for the greatest available range of adjustment choose a mount with a tilt that is half of the scope’s range of elevation. For example, Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 have a maximum elevation adjustment of 26 MIL (93 MOA,) you should, therefore, choose a mount with 13 MIL (45 MOA) in tilt. Doing so assures that you are able to adjust the sight out to very long distances. 

However, when mounted in this extreme elevation it’s common to experience optical defects such as an oval picture when shooting at close targets, etc. We, therefore, recommend that when fitting a large elevation scope (such as 26 MIL/93 MOA) on a .308 rifle that will only be used out to 1000 meters, to choose a 6 MIL/20 MOA tilt as it’s more than sufficient for that use.

Please note that using a degree of tilt that is more than half of the scope’s elevation adjustment will make it impossible to zero your rifle at 100!

For a great Tilting Mount, we recommend the Spuhr ISMS series available here: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/brand/spuhr/

Note: Same applies on all One-Piece Scope Mounts.

Pulsar Thermion XP50 In-The-Field Footage

SHOP PULSAR THERMION XP50: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/pulsar-thermion-xp50-thermal-weapon-riflescope-640×480-17um/

Boasting state-of-the-art design and the latest in advanced technological innovations, the Pulsar Thermion XP50 delivers the premium thermal imaging you’ve come to expect, but on a traditional-style aircraft-grade 30 mm-tube. The Pulsar Thermion XP50 Thermal Rifle scopes is Pulsar’s flagship model and comes with a 640×480 microbolometer sensor resolution with a 17μ pixel pitch.

Beyond looks, the Pulsar Thermion XP50 is anything but traditional it has 8-color-pallette imaging on a full-color 1024×768 HD AMOLED display and a jaw-dropping 2,300-yard heat-signature detection range.

The Pulsar Thermion XP50 features include picture-in-picture, 15 reticles in up to 4 colors—black, red, white and green, integrated still image and video recording with audio on 16gb of internal storage, Wi-Fi with Pulsar’s Stream Vision app, 50Hz frame rate for fluid motion imaging and an onboard rechargeable battery pack.

The Pulsar Thermion XP50 weighs 31.7 ounces and is recoil rated to handle .375 H&H, 9.3×64 and 12-gauge.

The cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescope is perfect for professional hunters who value traditions and seek technological superiority.

(All footage was taken without the scope being mounted on a rifle)



Optics Warehouse is proud to be sponsoring the GB .50CAL Team for 2019. The team will be entering a number of competitions throughout this year and we wish them the very best of luck.

Last weekend the team were training at Orion Firearms in Wales. Despite the challenging weather conditions, it was a successful warm-up for the upcoming events. Below are a number of shots of what the Team will be shooting.

As you can see the IOR Terminator 12-52×56 SFP Riflescope is featured twice on competitors shooters set-ups due to the premium German Schott glass, robust nature and massive 40mm tube that offers the shooter 120MOA of adjustment. The Terminator is a favourite amongst the GB .50 CAL Team due to it being specially designed for long range target shooting on heavy recoiling rifles.


We will keep you posted with how GB .50 CAL get on.

The Team will also be travelling across the pond to compete in America next year. Watch this space!

Why you SHOULD choose BKL for your Air Rifle or Rimfire.

Strong One-Piece Clamping Base allows easy mounting of 1-inch and 30mm rifle or pistol scopes.

Patented Auto-Centering technology solves the problems created by varying mounting rail widths.

Clamping Legs move equally as the clamping screws are tightened keeping the scope centered on the rail.

Auto-Centering Technology

Oversize mounting rails? No problem. Clamping screws can be switched to BKL’s unique Spreader Holes to evenly push the clamping legs apart allowing the mount base to slide onto the dovetail.

Airgunners and Rimfire shooters also benefit from the proliferation of Picatinny rail-mounted optics and accessories with our Weaver/Picatinny to Dovetail Adaptor Mounts.

BKL mounts are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy on state of the art machinery in Texas.


HOW TO: Mount a Rifle Scope – using Two Piece Rings.

How To Mount a Riflescope

This short video explains how to mount a riflescope with ease.

Step 1: Slot rings onto the rail. Tighten to finger strength.
Step 2: Using standard/supplied Allen key, tighten. When ‘tight’ finish with 1/8” turn. OR use Vortex Digital Torque wrench and tighten to 4n/m.
Step 3: Gently rest riflescope on mounted rings. Align ring caps on top of scope.
Step 4: Start with the front set of rings and align screws, tightening softly using Allen key.
Step 5: Start with opposite corners and ensure ring-gap is consistent throughout.
Step 6: Finish tightening rings with 1/4” turn.
Step 7: Repeat Steps 3 – 6 for back rings.

Riflescope: IOR Crusader 5.8-40×56i FFP Tactical 40mm Illuminated MOA https://bit.ly/2C9qg4V
Rings: Tier One OPW 35mm Picatinny Scope Rings https://bit.ly/2C6GaNl
Tool: Wheeler Fat Torque Wrench https://bit.ly/2tPQvsq

If you would like any tips or pointers regarding rifle scopes, please get in touch and we will work on it for you!

For more information visit: https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/

How do you use a Shooting Bag?

How do you use a shooting bag?

In the sport of long-range precision shooting, Support Bags and Pillows are an essential part of the competitor’s kit.

Want to increase your accuracy and improve your technique?
Then consider grabbing yourself one of these support accessories.

Click HERE to view our full range.

Below are a collection of demonstration videos showing you how and where support pillows and bags can be used. Enjoy!

PRS New England 2018
Head and Scope Position
Rear/Support Bags, 2017 Update
PRO-TIPS: Precision Rifle Training

Introducing: Xmount® Clamp – allowing accurate firing from all positions.

Introducing: Xmount® Clamp - allowing firing from all positions.
Tactical Shooting Solutions Xmount® Clamp

In the past, long range shooting has been taught on the most stable platform available; the ground. In the complexity of modern day military operations and challenging civilian shooting events, only a small amount of shots are actually taken from the age old “prone position”.

Traditional shooting methods will always form the foundation of good marksmanship. However these fundamentals will require slight adjustments to accommodate all types of environments and abilities as shooting sports become more accessible to a vast range of people with differing physical abilities and ages.

Xmount® Clamp

The Xmount® Clamp was originally developed around military applications in order to allow firing from all positions. Its simplicity and ease of use makes it a perfect piece of equipment to either increase your shooting ability or to allow shooting from a number of positions such as kneeling, standing, from a sitting position such as a wheel chair or comfortable seat, whilst hunting or at the range. Without needing to rely on bipod legs and the ground as the shooting platform, the Xmount® allows the weapon or optic to be held securely in any position the firer requires, which presents many different shooting opportunities in a vast number of environments.


The Xmount® was designed and developed by a military Sniper with over 20 years of military experience in both training and combat environments to allow any type of weapon to be firmly secured in the device. After many years of getting by with poor shooting positions when the prone position could not be utilised, he decided to develop something that could help out in these situations. The idea first started as a cradle filled with foam which was then screwed to the top of a wooden tripod in 1998. This idea naturally evolved and led to the development of the current Xmount®.

Xmount® Clamp

Made in the United Kingdom with strict manufacturing processes using the best materials available, the Xmount® is a piece of equipment that you can rely upon for life. It has been tried, tested and used by the worlds most highly trained snipers, police marksman, civilian shooters and hunters, and has also proven its worth in combat environments. The Xmount® boasts a number of special features which increases the options for its use, they include;

  • Picatinny rail: allowing shooters to attach equipment such as wind meters and elevation charts.
  • Bubble level for anti cant, always allowing for perfect set up.
  • Strapping loops for suspension from tree branches, building structures or simply strapping to the rear of your hunting pack.

This versatile weapon clamp has everything covered! The Xmount® is guaranteed for life and really is a must-have piece of kit to succeed in getting that all-important shot.

What makes the X-Mount better then its competition?

Competitors use bent steel which is the cheapest possible way of manufacturing a gun clamp. Bent steel is heavy and rusts when scratched along. Competitors options ;  

1. Also made quite cheap with steel rods to support the sliding plate. 

2. Handle snags on equipment and vegetation.

3. Screw protrudes outside of base, if this gets knocked it damages the screw making the whole unit US, need to replace handle and screw.

4. No anti cant set up (bubble level)

5. No strapping points for suspending or risking to kit when not attached to tripod.

6. Rattles

7. Screw thread is exposed so it gets dirty and is hard to close.

8. Does not contain a rail for the fixture of wind meters and other equipment such as a torch.

9. Only supplied in one colour.

10. No guarantee.The rubber is coloured which reduces life and grip. 

The Tactical Shooting Solutions Xmount has all these problems taken care of.




It’s physically impossible for a scope to be perfect at its extremities because when dialled at this level of elevation or windage, the light that is coming through is bending. This is physics. And it’ true term is ‘Vignetting’.

Vignetting Riflescope

Vignetting only occurs at the extreme adjustments of the optic’s available travel (both in windage and elevation) due to the fact that the erector assembly is positioned at an extreme up/down/left/right position.

When the erector assembly is in this extreme position, there may be a visible obstruction of the light-ray-trace pattern. The extreme positioning allows the edges of the focusing tube to slightly obstruct the light-ray-trace which will cause a ‘shadow’ or ‘crescent moon shape’ to form in the field of view.

When you run though the adjustment on your optic, as if you are dialing up for longer distances, the erector assembly will no longer be in an extreme position, which will cause the vignetting to disappear from the field of view. Vignetting is not a defect in your optic, nor is it something that will cause any form of optical or mechanical malfunction.

In order to avoid vignetting from a manufacturing stand point, one would have to limit the travel of their optics. However, this would have an adverse effect on the optic’s performance when it is being implemented in a long range role.

(Words: U.S. Optics)


To do away with the vignetting saga, a brand new (and much more reliable alternative to ‘frequently-moving-the-reticle-of-your-scope-around’) mounting system has been manufactured:

Minute of Angle Base/Mil Radian Adjustment Base or M.O.A.B./M.R.A.B.

When installed on your rifle the M.O.A.B./M.R.A.B allows the shooter to compensate for the trajectory drop of their bullets in a mechanical way rather than optically. By doing so it eliminates unnecessary wear inside the scope; it provides you with a greater range of adjustability; and reduces the occurrence of VIGNETTING!

The M.O.A.B/M.R.A.B system is used in conjunction with a normal full length MIL-SPEC M1913 Picatinny rail. When in place it allows the shooter to dial-in their scope by simply turning an index dial located at rearmost portion of the M.O.A.B./M.R.A.B.

CLICK HERE to order your M.O.A.B/M.R.A.B now and do away with vignetting once and for all.


Click the link below and watch from 02:40 for brief explanation of Vignetting/Optical Degradation from the guys at Zero Compromise Optic.