This year, and with great pride, we sponsored the 2019 Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet (AAFGCM) at NOMADS HFT Club. Held once a year and for the third year running, the AAFGCM is an action packed, fun filled weekend with many competitions and prizes to be won.

Below, Carl Clayton (Donations organiser) gives his run-down of this years Annual Airgun Forum Charity Meet. Make sure to have a read and check out the photos.

Shoutout’s go to Carl Clayton, Mick Boswell, Peter Staddon and of course, NOMADS HFT. Expect the full story in Airgun World Magazine soon.
Photo’s are credited to Peter Staddon.

‘On the 23rd of august and Nomads hft club held their annual charity meet at the Nomads hft ground and we raised funds for Newlife a charity for disabled children that runs the only fast-track equipment services in the UK helping children in great need. Thousands of them rely on Newlife to get the equipment they need, equipment that has often been refused by the statutory services or the delays in provision mean that the child will suffer unnecessarily.

On the first day, our members started turning up early and kept trickling in all afternoon, with organisers arriving the night before and we had a general meet and greet. We got to meet a lot of first timers and seasoned attendees and introduced ourselves, a lot of new friendships were made and old ones rekindled. After setting up camp and chatting amongst ourselves the day was almost over and we had a barbecue and a few beverages whilst sat around the fire. and sat around chatting and eating burgers, hotdogs and venison steaks.

The second day everyone was waking up to a beautiful morning and raring to go, breakfast eaten and coffee drank the hft competition was about to start, we had a safety briefing and were put into groups, hft regulars were paired with first timers and off we went to tackle the world class course, it was hot and a few of us struggled but we all finished in good spirits. after a respite from the heat there were other events to take part in, a long shot competition where it was sudden death, 6 targets on a `tree` at an undisclosed distance…miss and you were out.

There was also seek and destroy, where 3 targets were hidden in a wooded area and the shooter had to locate and shoot them in 1 minute. Bell target was next and was hotly contested amongst those taking part, this was also a first for some members. and another event that was arranged was a pistol competition, i didn’t enter that as i’m a rubbish shot with a pistol but would like to get better so i can compete next year if i can somehow find the money for a pistol (don’t tell the wife haha).

There was a plinking range with targets at ranges from about 8 yards out to around 50 that attracted a lot of shooters, those that couldn’t take part in other events due to various reasons such as disability, i didn’t do much (im the beardy chap with 1 hand and red cap) but this was also an opportunity to chat further…shooting the breeze, comparing notes and trying each others equipment.

After the bell target competition was over we had our raffle, the prizes ranged from pens to scopes, clothing and even a rifle that was donated by one of our members. then it was time for the prize giving with winners of several categories collected their prize.

The categories were.
Pcp champion
Recoiling champion
Ladies champion
Junior champion
Rubbish shot
.22 champion
Long range
Worst excuse
Bell target champion
Pistol champion
Seek and destroy

Overall we had wonderful weather and a fun atmosphere and a ‘LOT of banter, a great time was had by everyone even the kids that came along, my daughter tiffany included, she is 5 and loves going to these events with me (shes the little blue eyed blonde)
A few of the attendees stayed behind on the last day to compete against the Nomads regular members, and the rest of us drifted off home.

Thank you for your support it really made a difference to some childrens lives.’

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