Butler Creek Flip-up Lens Covers Objective


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Butler Creek Flip-up Lens Covers Objective

Butler Creek Flip-up Lens Covers are a legendary Flip-Open Scope Covers that form an airtight seal against the elements, but silently hinge out of the way with a flip of the finger. Made Customley to fit specific rifle scopes Butler Creek flip up covers ensure maximum protection. Spring activated and easily Opened via a flip of a finger to ensure a clean, hassle free shot can be taken without the worry of loosing sight of the animal.

Butler Creek Flip Up Covers are Waterproof, Fast and reliable. Butler creeks protect against snow , dust, rain or dirt whilst in use or while in storage they have been Tested from 120 to -40 degrees F.


– Water Tight Seal
– Fits snuggly onto your scope objective bell
– Airtight semi o ring
– Protects from Dust & moisture
– Quiet opening design wont scare game
– Weighs less than an ounce
– Easily opens with a flip of the finger
– Ambidextrous opening


01-25.4mm, 4-27.8mm, 02A-30mm, 2-31mm, 03A-34mm, 05-35.2mm, 07-36.3mm, 09-37.7mm, 10-38.1mm, 11-39.1x34mm, 12-44.7×38.9mm, 13-38.9mm, 15-39.6mm, 17-40.9mm, 19-41.8mm, 43.2mm, 21-44.1mm, 23-44.7mm, 25-45.7mm, 26-46.2mm, 27-46.7mm, 28-48mm, 29-48.7mm, 30-49.8mm, 31-50.7mm, 33-51.9mm, 34-53.3mm, 39-56.4mm, 40-57.2mm, 43-58.7mm, 44-59.9mm, 45-61.2mm, 46-61.7mm, 47-62.5mm, 48-63.5mm, 51-65.4mm(NF NXS)


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