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Center Fire Hunting

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Hunting riflescopes will generally be of lower magnification for example a fixed power 6×42/8×56 or low to mid mag scopes 3-9 /3-12 /4-16 etc , higher mags can be used but present problems with stability the higher the mag used.

Low magnification scopes such as 1-4x or 1-6x will feature a small objective, a wide field of view and reticle design will be quick and easy to pick up for fast moving targets.

Tube Diameter

Tube diameter varies between price, manufacturer and shooters choice. Traditional hunting scope diameters will vary between 1”- 34mm tube diameters to maximise internal adjustment and minimise weight.

Reticle choice

Reticle choice of a hunting scope tends to be down to personal preference, the user can either have first focal plane or second focal plane with the option of illumination which helps to draw your eye to the center of the reticle for quick target acquisition in low light. Reticles will usually be quite simple with either a standard duplex reticle or a duplex with a couple of aiming marks to aid with aiming off.


Parallax is usually set and fixed to 100 yards on classic style hunting scopes but this can be altered if the choice of scope has parallax adjustment system located on the objective or side of the unit.


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